a question for pro-life people?

Question by Princess: a question for pro-life people?
why dont you care when you see some young guy or woman walking down the street smoking a cigarette but when a woman says “i want an abortion” because shes either not ready for kids or doesnt want any at all you all of a sudden open your ears and mouths to say something. and also men should not have hear-say in what women can do with their bodies. because men are the ones who go and rape women so why let them turn around and let them have hear-say (yes i know not all men do that but still) men cant feel pregnant, they can only see it and thats all, they cant feel all the ain during delivery time, all the anxiety, the mood swings and what not. but its also geered towards other women who are trying to make a choice for everyone, their just trying to find someone else to argue about. but my point is why do you care so much when a woman wants a abortion but when someone lights a cigarette you dont say a word? really think about it…
ok people arnt getting my point here. my questions is why do they care what another woman does with her body? that is my question!

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Answer by Beas
i agreee!!freedom of choice whether it choosing to smoke or abort or to vote should be left up to the law abiding individual!

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12 thoughts on “a question for pro-life people?”

  1. Wow, your kind of all over the place there aren’t you?

    “also men should not have hear-say in what women can do with their bodies. because men are the ones who go and rape women so why let them turn around and let them have hear-say”

    Tell you what, I’ll agree that men should have no say when it doesn’t take both a man and woman for a woman to get pregnant, and when every pregnancy is because of a rape.

    With that being said the argument that I see most to support abortion (you even use it) is choice followed closely by equality.

    If a woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want the baby but the man does, he has absolutely no choice in the matter.

    If a woman gets pregnant and she wants the baby but the man doesn’t, again he has absolutely no choice in the matter and is writing checks for the next 18 to 21 years.

    Doesn’t seem like an equitable choice to me.

    Now, I know that there will be responses that say “why didn’t he wear a condom” or “he shouldn’t have slept with her then”…my response…why didn’t she make him wear a condom, why didn’t she say no and keep her legs closed?

    Why (since abortion is legal and most that support it claim that a fetus isn’t a human being) is someone charged with a double homicide if they kill a pregnant woman?

  2. Hurrah ! you said quite nicely.What has smoking got to do with being pregnant? Maybe I read it wrong ?? I am wondering when women will have equal rights ??You have the right to get born,then die everything else in between is judged by some man.Think about that.

  3. This can’t be serious?
    First of all…I don’t like smoking therefor your can’t even apply that (nor can you apply that analogy to OTHER people who disagree with smoking).
    Second of all smoking is something they are doing to themselves. The issues isn’t about something they are doing to themselves anyway. It’s about something they are doing to an unborn fetus that doesn’t have a choice in the matter. The fetus itself is a separate entity than the mother that carries it.
    And if the mother isn’t ready for kids (as you stated in your question) then why is she pregnant? If you are going to have sex but don’t want kids take the necessary precautions to not get pregnant. If you don’t feel like taking the pill/shot and use condoms/diaphrams then you shouldn’t have sex. Period.
    As far as a rape victim…I have known someone who got raped and kept the child, for some that is too much and is a totally separate issue. I think that might be an exception, though that would make it simple for anyone that wants an abortion to get one whether they were raped or not so I am a little undecided on that one.
    It’s really, truly sad to hear of all that people out there that still support murdering a fetus. It’s even more upsetting to me because my wife and I have been trying to have a baby but so far we have had no luck and we aren’t certain she will ever be able to have kids. So to hear about all these people who are having abortion (sometime MULTIPLE abortions) is a huge slap in the face to us.
    So maybe YOU should really think about it. Stop being selfish. If you don’t want a kid, don’t get pregnant. Is it really that hard?

    pvgoth666: That is quite a crazy assumption/generalization. It sounds more like you are trying to justify such actions by claiming that pro-lifers don’t really care about life but more about punishment which is absolutely absurd.

  4. Smoking is not killing an innocent life that has no say in the matter at all!

    Women don’t have equal rights? She alone decides to abort or not. The man helped make the baby and will be paying one way or another for years, so why is that equal?

    Sounds to me that you care less about equal rights, but are just a man hater.

    BTW, I don’t say anything to smokers or abortionists. You make the choice and you will have to live with the consequences of your actions


  6. many pro-lifers are control freaks. they don’t care about the women nor the fetus after it’s born. all they care about is punishing the woman. i think they’re bitter because they are too uptight and no one will screw them, so they have to punish those of us who do have sex with forced gestation should birth control fail.

  7. I’m pro-life,because I have a conscience and I care for the lives of others including babies.
    A “pro-death” monster,like yourself has no conscience
    or feelings at all.Also,my aunt
    smokes,but I wish she didn’t,because I want her to be alive and not die of lung cancer.
    Smoking is suicide,a sin if you didn’t know.If the husband,a rapist or not,wants his kid and the mother wants to murder (sin)it,which is such a “selfish” thing to do,I’ll back the husband if he wants to divorce her.I would,because I wouldn’t be able to stand it.Abortion is “evil” and it came from Satan.
    Abortion = murder.

  8. I’ll say something if they’re pregnant, because their smoking is harming their unborn baby. If you’re smoking and your not pregnant then your only harming yourself (Unless you are smoking in an in closed unventilated area with someone else)

    For the men that rape, I think that they should either become a Eunuch or something else that would disable them from raping again

  9. The answer should be pretty obvious, sorry. Why are pro-life people pro-life? Because they see the unborn child as an individual person with his or her own unique DNA and/or they believe that life starts at conception. So, an abortion kills that person. A smoker is only killing themselves. An adult making a decision to die of lung cancer is completely different in our minds than someone deciding to abort someone else’s life. Plus, believe me, there are more than enough people who are always opening their mouths every time someone lights up a cigarette.

  10. i am pro-choice and hate it when people think they can tell us what to do with out bodies but i do have to say it is a bit different when someone is smoking. i think the way they see it is that a person has the right to choose to light up, they are making that decision for their own life where as with abortion, they are making the decision for someone else who does not have a say. even with second hand smoke a person can walk away but a baby has no say in it at all, its someone else choosing its life or not. please let me remind you that i am pro choice but i think those two arguments are totally different. i don’t think a person smoking and choosing to smoke can be compared to abortion, its totally different. but i do hate pro lifers throwing their opinions in your face, especially when you don’t want it.

  11. The ONLY time I’ll accept an abortion as being okay is if a woman was raped, or the husband/partner used a condom and it broke (it happens) and they can’t afford to take care of the baby (why have a kid and then starve it or put it in an orphanage.. I mean, oh my gosh, how sick can you get?).

    If you want the baby, go ahead and have it (but I think the man’s opinion should be heard and considered).

    If it reaches the point where the baby can feel, you definitely shouldn’t abort it because that’s just plain sad. However, if you can’t afford it, were raped, or for some absolutely good reason can’t have the baby and it’s before 2 or 3 months (before it can feel) then you should abort it.

    Otherwise, it is completely unacceptable. Women SHOULDN’T be having sex with all kinds of men and having abortions left and right.

  12. Let’s start off with the question about rape. The punishment of convicted rape should be so strong that it will make others think twice before they even consider it.
    Now as far as man feeling pain. Man cannot feel the physical pain but I know for a fact that we can feel the emotional pain from abortion. One day, I placed my hand on my ex-wife’s stomach and said ” Jimmy I Love you!”, and each time I called his name he would respond with a kick. The next day while I was at work, earning money to support myself, my ex-wife (wife at the time), and my son; my son’s life was taken. He was in the 7th month and could have lived outside of the womb. All they had to do was deliver his head, his entire body was already outside of the womb except for the head, but no they stabbed him in the back of the head and sucked his brains out. My ex would never say why she did it and still today I deal daily with the emotional pains.
    It is not only a woman’s body that is affected, but also the life of an innocent baby, a living human being. Even before a woman finds out that she is pregnant, the baby’s heart is already beating.

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