Bush supporters: Can you please explain to me why some of you believe GWB is the best president in history?

Question by Liberal City: Bush supporters: Can you please explain to me why some of you believe GWB is the best president in history?
How is his efforts and presidency more successful than prior presidents? What has he done to change the world for the better? Please give me specific examples.
Note: Please refrain from ranting on about former president Clinton. Thanks!

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Answer by Darth Nihilus™
He has kept us safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11
The Stock Market is up
Social Security is great
He’s just plain awesome

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11 thoughts on “Bush supporters: Can you please explain to me why some of you believe GWB is the best president in history?”

  1. It’s a big leap between supporting the president as the commander and ceif and annointing him as the greatest president ever. I think those are your words.
    The legacy for a president is never realized this soon anyway.
    Ask again in 20 years if the melting icebergs havent fried your cpu by then

  2. Sometimes a great leader will do the right thing even though its not very popular,its just the right thing to do…………I would not say he is the best President in history but is one of them…………..

  3. DARTH sounds familiar to me,,,same old sell crap,,,like you I don,t want to hear any comparison s to Clinton’s,,,all I can think of is Blind support of Bush,,,,I-E Hail Bush,,,,that type of mentality.

  4. I support much of what he does but never claimed that he was even close to being “the best president in history”.

    I simply think he was a better choice than either John Kerry or Al Gore before that.

    He wasnt my top pick but I support him. Think I dont know how you feel? I had to sit back and watch Clinton embarass our nation with scandal after scandal for eight years.

  5. I can’t understand why people feel that he has done a good job. I guess you can fool some of the people all of the time! Or, it could be that they admire him for being such a devout Christian.

  6. It doesn’t matter what anyone cites, you will ridicule their responses. You’re no different than any of the political hacks on this site.

    I believe that history will be kind to George Bush for taking a principled stand. You may not like the war in Iraq, but you have to spread the blame. Spread it to the Congress who authorized it, spread it to those recently elected on claims they were going to end it and spread it to the organization who passed, yet did not enforce, its own resolutions.

  7. Identified a threat to the United States(terrorist attacks) and took decisive action to prevent it from happening again.
    that’s called leadership,which is the role of the presidency.

    Let the “thumbs down” come.Wise man once told me;”If you lower yourself to the level of an idiot,you become an idiot”

  8. You see Republican Neocons who support Bush have so called reverse mind decease. Which means that right=wrong and wrong=right. For example Bush is a lying criminal=Bush is a hero and so on.

  9. I appreciate the manner in which you asked this question. No ranting or raving, just looking for answers.
    People keep saying that there haven’t been any more terrorist attacks since 9/11, but how many were there before? Come on, it happened on Mr. bush’s clock. To use the “no terror attacks on US soil since 9/11” is lame. Almost every president in history can claim that.

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