Can anyone recommend a book about adoption from a latinamerican perspective?

Question by Oro Rubi: Can anyone recommend a book about adoption from a latinamerican perspective?
I PAP trying to educate myself about adoption, bought a book that is very interesting, however, it was written in the UK. I did not find a book written in Mexico or other latin american country and would love to know if anyone could help me out with a name, I think we face different challenges and perspectives. I already asked in Spanish YA and there was no satisfactory answer… maybe if we decide to go through the experience I should write one myself LOL.
I’m Mexican living in Mexico looking to adopt a Mexican child

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Answer by ♥ Delaluz Mami ♥
I don’t know but It’s great your going to adopt!

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On this edition of Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk his guests are asked what went so wrong with the adoption of a seven-year-old Russian boy who was treated like a…

I recommend these American adoption products

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21 thoughts on “Can anyone recommend a book about adoption from a latinamerican perspective?”

  1. Dear Oro Rubi,

    It would be helpful to know what issues and perspectives you wish to find literature on. Also, where you are adopting from and where you are living would help improve the chances of finding something specific to your needs. Most of the books written about adoption in English are widely available in Spanish as well. I would think that the much of the general information about adoption and adoption issues would be the same or at least similar no matter the ethnicities and cultures involved so it might still be beneficial to simply judge the books on their individual merit rather and the usefulness and possible application of its contents to one’s own situation than on where or by whom they were written.

    I think you might have better luck running a search through a bookseller. One of the problems is that when you run a search on “Latin American Adoption” you get all kinds of titles specializing in white people raising Latin American children. Correct me if I am wrong, but this would not be the case in your situation. As I said before though, some of the information might still be useful to you.

    I didn’t know whether you wanted to read in English or Spanish either so here is a mix of titles I found on a quick search. (My Spanish is a bit rusty but I’m pretty sure all of the Spanish books are actually about adoption, please forgive me if I am wrong! LOL!)

    The link is where I found most of the ones I listed and carries books in many languages so you might have better luck there.

    One other option is to join a support group that caters to your situation. Most of the time, these groups have a recommended or suggested book list for their members.

    ¡Buena suerte! – Good Luck! You are wise to educate yourself and I hope you find something that suits your situation! 🙂

    Here is what I could find:

    *”My Boys, The Immigrants”, by Skila Brown
    *”Raising Nuestros Niños: Bringing Up Latino Children in a Bicultural World”, by Gloria G. Rodriguez
    *”In Their Own Voices”, by Rita J. Simon and Rhonda M. Roorda
    *”Best of Adopted Child: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity”,by
    Lois Melina
    *” La Adopcion: Nacional E Internacional”, by Zulema D. Wilde
    *”Adopcion: Integracion Familiar”, by Marta N. Stilerman, Silvia E. Sepliarsky
    *”La Adopcion Y Los Nuevos Tribunales De Familia” by Jordan Campillay Fernandez
    *”Acogimiento Y Adopcion”, by Esther Gonzalez Pillado, Pablo Grande Seara
    *”Derechos Sucesorios De Los Hijos Adoptivos En El Codigo Civil: Problemas De Derecho Transitorio”, by Alfredo Sanchez-Rubio Garcia

    PS Seems like there is plenty of room for you to write one. Good luck if you decide to give it a shot!

  2. Is Russia trapped in the 1950s,Americans don’t hate Russians,American Parents don’t raise their kids to hate Russians and most Americans don’t even think about Russia anymore. Is the best the Great country of Russia can come up with is hate,if the Great country of Russia needs a common enemy to survive,it needs to look at its self.

  3. There are plenty of kids to adopt in America the only problem they are Black and white families don’t want to adopt black children.

  4. Adoption is big business — and if they actually taught perspective parents what they need to know to handle a child who has been severely traumatized, there would be far fewer parents who would go through with adoption. (And of course that would be less money in the pockets of the agencies and the governments over seas.

  5. You have got to be kidding! Where on earth did the stats on International Adoption come from — as no one is actually keeping them. Adoption agencies do NOT teach perspective parents about trauma — or attachment. disorder which is FAR FAR more common than anyone would lead parents to believe. There are WAY too many parents who have adopted and then find themselves over their heads due to the lack of post adoptive services and also to being ILL prepared or taught about what to expect.

  6. Crosstalk rules indeed,Im sure there are good American adoption families out there but even 2% of all children being ,mistreated like a dog and end up dead is unacceptable, like I hear that they dragged Artyom over the floor pulling his hair, makes me very upset; Respect , love and the safety of our children should always come first. Maybe its gods intent for some not to have children as they are too selfish and not clever enough to guide a child to adulthood.

  7. Question/hint. Who else had access to that child? With CPS visiting, that would be the standard MO. Others involved. Something stinks like sewage.

  8. – funny abusive dads in the U.S. are using CPS at an alarming rate to get children. Guess where the children are. DEAD

  9. Our own children in the U.S. are murdered, tortured, raped. Do you think they will treat a foreign child any different? Hello! The key to the child trafficking industry (and related filth) is to separate a child from those he trusts (family) to isolate the child. All serial killers and rapists isolate the victim to prevent oversight and testimony of the child. International adoptions make it more impossible for the child tell someone they trust.

  10. Shut Down CPS to stop wrongful removals of children (70%), except in extreme REAL cases. Then the agencies would not have an overflow of “supply” in the child trafficking industry. They could better deal with those children that really are in need of parents, and social workers could help adoptive families and their children. It would stop some if not a great majority of the corruption due to oversupply due to the criminal agency of CPS. That is how you solve it.

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  12. As an adoptee (1990 from Hong Kong to the USA), this saddens and sickens me to no end. This woman gives an awful name to not only the United States but also to all parents everywhere. My adoptive parents gave me a loving home. The difference is that I was much younger than Artyem when I was adopted. Still and all, the woman who said she would be your mother, regardless of his mental condition, said she doesn’t want you. The sense of rejection and confusion he must feel can’t be imagined.

  13. I think that was nothing wrong happen with American adopt y . I think that Russia has better take care and make a better monitoring mechanism for those families who adopted him. I’m orphan by myself from the USSR, orphans homes they selling as like a toilet paper for the real good prise without regarding who ganna be owners of product. How many kid delivered to wrong hands inside of Russia and nobody really care about that , but this time it reaches International level and look like this talks .

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