Charity- Local or International?

Question by Stephanie: Charity- Local or International?
Which would you choose?
What are the charities you have given to?
I forgot to mention that I am pro-local. I just wanted to see what you all thought

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Answer by louisrichardk
Definitely Local. We need to take care of our own first. What I’d like to know is who the heck decided that we have to take care of the whole world? Sure it’s a good thing to be charitable but to me when all these famous people especially movie stars go all out in Africa & other depressed places, they only do it for PR purposes. It makes them look good in the public eye. It makes me think that when Americans over give to other countries they are turning their backs on their kind. We such are a giving country & yet we have our own people suffering right here. I know of so many folks who can’t even pay their rent & have nothing to eat. I don’t have much myself ( I’m retired) but I volunteer every where I can. I donate my time during the holidays by cooking food for sick & homeless people. I donate clothes & books to a local group that takes care of teens in trouble & support the children’s hosp. I volunteer at a senior center every week just sitting & talking to the elderly who have been deserted by their families. Yet I bet these are the very people donating to feed the children in other countries. Then to it bugs the h e ll out of me when Americans go to other countries and adopt children when there are so many here that need a home. I think if we take of our own & educate, feed & adopt our deserted American children “They” will become fruitful & aid in helping our economy & prosperity. I also have given to the Red Cross but only to the local chapter so as to make sure our local people are helped should the need arise not some where else to folks we don’t even know. I cannot even remember how much time & money I have given to the “aids” project. It’s unbelievable how much just a simple little thing a person can do that will make a difference to help your neighbor just down the street.
I’m a born an American, live in America, buy American, support America any way I am can, defended America in the military and today I am proud to be an American celebrating our independence. “Semper Fidelis”

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One thought on “Charity- Local or International?”

  1. I don’t think any charity is ever bad. I don’t think anyone who gives internationally is somehow hurting local people, or that someone who cares about animals should care about children instead. Compassion and assistance, no matter where, is what’s important. It’s always good, whether you are helping around the corner or around the street. One world, one tribe. We’re all interconnected and no one lives in a vacuum.

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