Did the UN have valid reason to criticize the US on Children’s Rights?

Question by Pluto C. Rat: Did the UN have valid reason to criticize the US on Children’s Rights?
UN criticism of the United States’ Children’s Rights – The United Nations did not adopt the “Convention on the Rights of the Child”, which shocked and upset many who follow such events:

“The United States has some of the best programs and laws in the world to protect its children but, as UNICEF has pointed out, the U.S. also has one of the highest rates of the industrialized countries for poverty and hunger among children and also for child mortality. A recent story in the Washington Post noted that “despite this time of record prosperity, one in every six American children is poor; one in three children of color. No other developed country has anything approaching U.S. child poverty rates.”
United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights,
Mary Robinson (2001 Jan 11)


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Answer by Sir Dog
The UN has no right to criticize anything.

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6 thoughts on “Did the UN have valid reason to criticize the US on Children’s Rights?”

  1. You are falling for the BS that world-wide liberals are spoon feeding us. Don’t believe a word of it. The UN is a joke. It never sides with America although without our support they could not exist. They put the world’s most brutal totalitarian countries in charge of overseeing UNICEF and Civil Rights committees. UN troops regularly are cited for raping and pillaging innocent victims in war-torn areas of the world and nothing is ever done about it. Everything that comes out of the UN is a load of crap. The last guy in charge, Butras Butras By Golly, was hip deep in one of the biggest scams that bilked us out of billions of dollars in something called Oil for Food Program, and, again, nothing was done. They want the US to join them in a One World Government where we would lose our sovereignty, lose our Constitution, and our system of law in favor of a One World President and everything would be run out of the UN! These people are dangerous. They have threatened to sue America because we allow our people to own their own weapons. Who are these idiots and who do they think they are anyway? I know you are taught in school how wonderful the UN is, but believe me, do your own research and you will see how corrupt and evil they are. Our children ARE NOT starving. Where do they get their information from? (They don’t, it’s all made up by them). No one in this country ever goes without food or shelter or hospital emergency room care if they ask for it. The homeless are that way because they refuse to accept the duties and responsibilities of living a normal life. They are stubborn and do not want to have the government or anyone telling them how to live. They prefer their lifestyle. Don’t anyone ever tell you otherwise. There is no city in America who has not offered their help and been turned down by them because they hate authority of any kind. They use a different method of counting infant deaths in America than they do for everyone else. They consider children who live to be 2 to 3 years old when they die in this country, while elsewhere they only count infants who die at birth. To have the UN make such ridiculous charges about America starving their children when they say nothing about African and Asian countries who actually do starve their people is absolutely ludicrous.

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