Does “We searched for her birth parents” sometimes means……?

Question by Independ”ant”: Does “We searched for her birth parents” sometimes means……?
…… “We prevented the birth parents from retrieving their child.”?

Interested article about CCAA involvement/denial with baby brokering for international adoption.

Do you think telling a child that adopting her from an orphanage because you paid good money/ and had faith in a system you “knew” nothing about will be sufficient enough when they read articles like this?

click on …. Labels: Baby Trafficking…….for more indepth “propaganda?”

Can you imagine what is going to revealed in 5-10 years. I feel so sorry for these victims(a-child/nparents).

Best answer:

Answer by Katherine W
An adopted child has parents, just not the birth parents.

A blog isn’t necessarily factual evidence, it’s someone’s opinion. You should look for better sources of information, at least something that’s published with an editor to review the information.

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