help with my VBAC?

Question by Yovana C: help with my VBAC?
10 years ago I had my girl in a C-section,with a horizital cut. wasn’t nice,I was in pain and I fall sleep when she born.Lucky me my mom was with me after my baby born.I am pregant again with 29 weeks,and I totally don’t want to go thru the same,specially because my mom will not be able to be with me. So after 6 months with my OG he just drop the news that he will not do a VBAC (my fault, I should have ask, but I just thought it would not be big deal) he practically told me I could die, and that mosth woman wouldn’t risk theyr lifes and they babies lifes, but he was very mean (when he ask me how big was my first baby and I say I couldn’t remember he ask me: “So you give her in adoption?” I ask for another ultrasound just to check the sex of theh baby because with my daughter they fail he told me” this is science, no a game to see what color of coutains use”) so I don’t trust him anymore. But still afraid.Can anybody tell me about your experience? Do anybody had a bad VBAC?
Yes I live in NJ, where for what I know, is on of the startes with most C-seccion, 10 years ago VBAC was very common but because law suts doctors don’t want to deal with them. My first baby was big ( I do have her information, I just couldn’t remember at that moment) but this baby is a normal size so far, I also have the C-section horizontal which is another requirment for a VBAC, but my dontor just don’t want to deal with it, in fact he only did 1 VBAC since 2006, so I think is more of his personal decision. Perhaps, I have read so much in Internet about VBAC, and I found bolth, who approve it and who doesn’t. I’m afraid of course of the risk, but I think C-section is not a free pass either, I will like to hear mom’s that went thru the same maybe I am missing something. Btw, thanks for all your answears, I think this websites is great, and so helpful for womans all around the world. So thanks so much for your answears.

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Answer by ~Munchables~
ure doctor sounds like a jerk kinda i cant tell you about any experience but good luck best wishes:)

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7 thoughts on “help with my VBAC?”

  1. I had a VBAC. It had only been three years, and they informed me of the risk, but just kept a monitor on my stomach to measure the uterine pressure. It went just fine.

  2. VBAC issue or not, your doctor sounds like a real tool. There is still time to change practices, but you might find it hard to find a doctor willing to do a VBAC. There are risks associated with it, and while they are small, the doctors so have to think about their liability and their job, which is to protect you and your baby. A lot of practices have just made that a rule for insurance purposes, whether it’s necessary or not (my last two OB’s offices had that policy).

    It can’t hurt to ask around, though. But make sure you have the information about your other child’s birth weight, etc. (and you may see about having your medical records from that birth transferred to your doctor’s office), so they have the information they need to see if you are a good candidate.

  3. Its possible for a VBAC to go wrong, but, IMO not after 10yrs!

    Most OB’s wont attempt a VBAC on a woman that hasnt been at least 2yrs post partum..10yrs is more than enough time to heal for a VBAC!

  4. First of all, you need a doctor you can trust. However, there are alot of doctors that will not do a VBAC because of the risks. I was going to have one, but circumstances beyond my control caused me to have another c-section. I healed alot faster with the second one though. Please get a new doc, this one sounds like a jerk!

  5. Get a new OBGYN. You deserve to be treated with respect and in a caring and supportive manner. You can totally have a VBAC!

    If you don’t have any other risk factors, it is generally safe to try a VBAC. Its not too late to get a new OBGYN. I hope you can call around and get one ASAP! You deserve a doctor who is willing to serve you in the best way for your interests, and not his own conveniences.

    You may want to try calling hospitals for referrals to doctors who will help with VBAC.

    Good luck!

  6. You should be able to at least try going vaginally and if you can’t then go cesarean. You can always try talking to your doctor again, maybe try getting a second opinion.

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