How can we convince my dad to “adopt” a kid?

Question by Ruby the Bipolarbear: How can we convince my dad to “adopt” a kid?
Okay, so my family is Liberian. My mom came to America, and has only been back twice- once in ’93, and then again this year around mother’s day. She met a little girl there who’s about 5, and she really wants to adopt. I know everyone in my family is for it- except my dad. My aunt did the same- two girls lived with her- one went back to Liberia to live with her mom. My mom said it’s not actual adoption or something, and she really wants to do it. She wanted to be a foster parent for so long, and she’s waited so long to have her dreams come true, and it would… Don’t tell me I can’t. We’re going to see this girl in December and I’m afraid my mom won’t want to leave her again. What do we do?

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Answer by Joy N
Talk to them how bad you want to adopt and how it will positive for the kid to live in America.

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16 thoughts on “How can we convince my dad to “adopt” a kid?”

  1. Sorry, but I think this is not simple because it is from a different country. In order to bring a child into the US, she would have to be declared an orphan under US Immigration law, and your family would have to be approved to adopt her. That’s a long and complicated process, but possible if everyone wants to do it and if she really does qualifiy as an “orphan.” It would HAVE to be an “actual adoption” or she could not be brought to the US. You can’t just foster a child from another country, because you can’t bring them into the US. If they are older you might be able to bring them in for school or something, but I’m pretty sure not with a 5 year old.

    Your mom can be a foster parent, though – there are lots of kids in the US who need families. I’m sure there’s a 5 year old girl who would love to live in your family. But your dad has to want to do that also. Fostering is a big decision and it doesn’t work if both parents don’t want to. Maybe it is the whole thing about bringing a child in from another country that your dad doesn’t want to deal with?

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