I am wondering what kind of cat I have?

Question by Samantha: I am wondering what kind of cat I have?
I know he is a Tabby, at least thats whats on his papers but that is all it says.. please look at the picture and let me know thank you….

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Answer by wolverinn_2000@att.net
it’s an american tabby

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One thought on “I am wondering what kind of cat I have?”

  1. His “papers”? From where? An adoption? “Tabby” is a coat pattern – not a breed. Your cat isn’t any particular breed – it’s a “domestic” just like over 97% of the cats on the entire planet.

    As for what to call his coat well, sorry – I’m not good at looking at 1/2″ tall pics. If you post one we can actually see then I can tell you what to call it. It’s most likely Brown Mackerel Tabby and White.

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