If Neo-Con Pro-Lifers Insist That Life Begins At Conception…?

Question by dreamchaser8860: If Neo-Con Pro-Lifers Insist That Life Begins At Conception…?
What’s to keep them from taking the next step, and having any male who masturbates to orgasm charged with capital murder? Somebody else asked this question and I found it rather interesting. There is a place in the Bible, I think, that even says that God doesn’t approve of people “bopping the bishop” and wasting all that good “seed.”

So could the conservatives actually take this issue into Kurt Vonnegut-style absurdity?
Oh, and for the record? I do know the difference between the “Goldwater”-era Republicans and the neo-cons. Maybe those who think I’m just throwing the term out there to be ‘cool’ should do something they’re not used to…a little thing called ‘READING’.

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Answer by Endangered American Species
Because then too many liberals would be put to death for having wet dreams about their messiah Obama.

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16 thoughts on “If Neo-Con Pro-Lifers Insist That Life Begins At Conception…?”

  1. Biologically, life does begin at conception, and nobody’s disputing that. The debatable question is whether or not that counts for everything.

  2. Wow..you’re pretty slow aren’t you? Don’t worry, you can yank on your little thing all day, we won’t have you arrested

  3. To the best of my knowledge, nobody’s hand ovulates. If there is no ovum present, conception cannot happen.

    BTW, do you even know what a neo-con is, or do you just think it sounds like a cool slam?

  4. Stupid question and you also make the asinine assumption that all pro-lifers are exclusively conservative. If you don’t care about the sanctity of life–so be it. But stop harassing others on an issue they will NOT be moved on. It’s something that cannot be changed. Disregard yourself–not others.

  5. How else would pathetic, weak, liberal males get laid?

    If they can’t take matters into their own hands, so to speak.

    Maybe that’s why they throw such tantrums at G-20 rallies and do millions in damage?

    Frustration ?

  6. You’re confusing conservatives with Republicans. Easy mistake to make. I’m a conservative and as long as I don’t have to pay for it, I don’t give a damn about abortion.

  7. yes…life does start at conception SOURCE: Biology Major…cellular metabolism! A baby isn’t conceived until that “seed” fertilizes the egg you moron. DNA is exchanged and the future individual is already decided.

    You may be glad your momma was pro-life but the rest of us…well…

  8. They would argue that any point up to fertilization it’s potential human life and not actual human life.

    I think the matter is more complicated than they suppose. What about the life of the mother to be or potential mother too be as compared with a tiny embryo a few centimeters in size? Her life and the effect a pregnancy and new baby is going to have on her life can not just be discounted.
    To me it’s not something that is totally clear cut — to say that the rights of a embryo a few days old outweigh those of a fully grown human being to me is quite frankly absurd.

    Therefore the law strikes a balance and limits terminations at so many weeks

  9. All sperm and eggs should be aborted. Especially the right wing nut jobs who try to tell other people how to live. They should all be sterilized.

  10. LOL good one. I personally don’t go by a word that they say.They yell and scream about women(who they don’t know, and don’t know their circumstances either) who get abortions YET, they don’t give a dam about all these poor unwanted children in the foster care system. They just say “put it up for adoption” as IF it’s that EASY. Most people(especially not whites who are generally Republicans) are not adopting “minority” babies in America. Little black American babies aren’t good enough for them. Instead they are on websites like Craigslist looking for white surrogate mothers with blue eyes and blond hair to pay to have babies for them. They are also looking for sperm from white males. I don’t pay people like that NO mind because I know what they are all about! Now watch the thumbs down for telling the truth lol.

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