I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?

Question by Jamie: I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?
I’m 21 and 3 months pregnant. My boyfriend is the father but he is not really great. He is in Seattle right now while im in florida. He went there for just the summer. He will be back in two months. But he has put his hands on me twice. I dont trust him not to cheat. Hes 25. He says he loves me but he just has alot of mental issues. I feel like if he was different maybe i would keep the baby. But i kind of want to get away from him. I am a cna and want to get back in school to do nursing which i will do. Also i have no family to support me or help when the baby gets here. I would only have him and hes not really good. Should i abort or no? Also i was suppose to get the abortion on wednesday but before i got on the highwaysl i got really sick and had to go to the hospital so i couldnt go that day. Was that a sign that i shouldnt do it? Give advice please.

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Answer by Julie
Hey Girl,
Abort or adopt out. Your boyfriend sounds like a twat, dump him and fly free.
The kid will just remind you of him

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3 thoughts on “I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?”

  1. When you say he “put his hands on me” do you mean that he hit you? I suggest you call a domestic violence hot-line. If he’s already done it twice, he will do it again.

    I think an abortion is a perfectly reasonable response. You don’t want to be tied to this guy in any way. A guy with mental issues who hits you will eventually kill you. Look up “man kills pregnant girlfriend” and you’ll see what I mean. This is a very dangerous situation for you to be in. The number one way that pregnant women die is that they’re murdered by the guy who got them pregnant.

    So, say nothing to this guy and just get an abortion. Then figure out a way to break up with him. If you sense he’s dangerous you may have to move.

    Please, take it seriously that he is mentally ill and he has hit you.

    There are a lot of people on Yahoo who say “don’t have an abortion” or “give it up for adoption.” These people are not offering to help you take care of a child for 18 years, or to keep that child away from a mentally ill father who hits women. Please don’t bring a child into this situation.

    And no, it’s not a sign that you got sick. Sometimes people just get sick. Things happen. They don’t necessarily have a reason. Please don’t be superstitious.

    Reading your other questions: you’re not throwing up from trichomonias, you’re throwing up from pregnancy. I will tell you that as soon as you have an abortion, that will stop. I hope the hospital treated you for the trichomonias though.

  2. Ok sweat heart let me tell you from experience the other 2 answer are taking the easy way out. You do not have to get an abortion to get away from this guy. You are NOT married and he is gone for now. If you really want to get away from him stop all communication and move. If you can’t move then contact the police and they will help you get a safe place to live for you and you baby. There is help out there and you don’t have to have him put in jail to do it (unless you want him there). But I would say it was a sign and don’t have an abortion it is not the babies fault his dad is messed up. I can’t make the decision for you but I am going to let you know I am 19 with a daughter and a baby on the way and i was in the same situation but made it out. You DO NOT have to be with the guy or be around the guy or even give him rights to the baby. Just DO NOT put him on the birth certificate and don’t give the baby his last name. You can get away from him, It will be hard but really you can do it. There are women younger then you that do it every day. Good luck to you and you baby I will be praying for you both.

  3. You need to do what is best for you. You definitely don’t want to be involved with him AND a baby. My advice out the options you’ve provided, though I personally wouldn’t do it, would be an abortion. If that’s too hard for you, have the baby and give it to a family who can give it all the love and care in the world. Many adopted families will pay for all of your medical care throughout the pregnancy if you find the right one. Maybe get out of that relationship too, while you’re at it. Good luck!

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