Information about Adoption in 1890s?

Question by A to the R: Information about Adoption in 1890s?
I have asked this question before ( ), but did not have much luck. I am seeking information about James T. Shadix (b. 1892) and Mary Elizabeth Shadix (b. 1895). They were siblings who were adopted by John A. Shadix and Ellen America Elder. I am looking for the birth parents of James and Mary. James and Mary were born in Georgia, and adopted parents from Alabama. A possible surname before adoption could have been Higgins (Heard the last name from family members). Since Mary was born in 1895, and showed up under James and Ellen in 1900 census, then the adoption must have taken place between 1895-1900. In the census records they are listed as adopted children, but no trace of birth parents. Any information is helpful.
James T Shadix (Higgins) b. 1892 (Bremen, Georgia)
Mary Elizabeth Shadix (Higgins) b. 1895
Thank You for all the great suggestions. I have asked this question about 3 years ago, and always keep hitting brick walls after research. The family has said that the birth parents died of pneumonia, but remains rumor rather than fact. Other family members have went to courthouses were documents were kept, but because of the fire, there are really no 1890 census records. Also being adopted by family members is likely, but I have to keep searching. It is like a family mystery that has been going on for years because my great-grandmother didn’t talk about her birth parents. Thank You again and I will keep searching.

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Answer by kohalgirl
First you need to find out what laws about adoption in the birth state and or the adoption state.Plus the 1890 census is more than half destroyed which makes for difficulty.Also do not take family rumor as fact but do keep it in mind.You may look in death records because for 2 children to be adopted out from same family it sounds as if both parents died or one did and the other was unable to care for them alone and they may have not had other family members to help them.James very well may be named for his father or grandfather too.Also Mary may also be someone’s namesake.I did see one Mary E Higgins with a bunch of children it may be that James and Marys parents had so many and then met with tragedy.I see many times where the youngest get adopted out so they get cared for.I too have an adoption difficulty in my family and may never know the answers I wish for so good luck.Have you tried I see they have many news paper articles for Alabama where the children that are adopted too,this a great source to see real life people in print and many had gossip of the week.

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  1. Your prior question had an excellent answer, but went to voting. Did you LOOK FOR THOSE SUGGESTIONS??
    One- an “adoption” then MAY NOT BE the same as adoptions known today. Until you find a court record, you don’t know. They may have taken the name. You hear the name Higgins, means someone knows/ knew. There may have been a guardianship. There was very likely LAND owned by the parents that had to be probated. The answer can be in a probate file contents, not clear from the index or title.
    You have the birth location for James. There are Higgins buried in Bremen per None fit those dates… but it means there WERE Higgins there. WHO WERE THEY? Analyse them, look for a pattern. The high probability is a link between Shadix/ Higgins somehow. Families took babies and children in when relatives died. SCOUR the marriage records for Haralson co and surrounding counties.. pick up both surnames.
    Your info is NOT PROMISED to be online. You may wind up having to order records through LDS on microfilm or even go to Bremen.

    buried at Bremen…
    Joel Higgins..
    this is not factual info in this file…or could be… FOLLOW THE CLUES
    FULL COPY of 1900 census… look again, shows month and years of birth (Mary born May 1894, not 1895) … confirms Ellen had not born children.
    Follow them back as well…

  2. You have a couple of great answers. As Wendy stated adoptions were not always formalized in court like they are today. Chances are one of the adoptive parents was a relative. A child becoming a part of another household just took the name of the family quite frequently.

  3. You already have some very good answers…………… so what I will do is challenge some of your assumptions, purely on a basis that it will help you start to pin point what you KNOW and what you assume….and assuming can mean you are chasing rainbows and time wasting……….

    So How do you KNOW they were siblings…… a birth record for each of them showing parents is the only primary record that shows they are siblings and you don’t have that ( census is a secondary record)

    Adoption? Formal adoptions at that time is highly unlikely unless in law, parents died leaving land/business and a will which asked this couple to ‘take on any children as their own until adulthood’ but this would be tied into a will/court/legal…. in which case there will be records………. I suspect it is more likley they went to live with this couple because one or the other was a blood relative………. so branch line research is the answer to that

    Higgins….. “Heard the last name from family members” ….go back and ask, BUT it is heresay/family story, so unless there is some record proof then don’t chase rainbows and try to make things fit with family they often turn out to be fairy stories…………………..

    So research from what your can PROVE that is KNOWN information, that way you will find what you are looking for ad be able to prove ancestry…………………………..

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