Is life is psychological problem?

Question by : Is life is psychological problem?
I abstain free talking because peoples in contact insult me . In short sense,very few features pointing to the concept of feral child that are:
1-I was child that was bound with religion
2-Limited social circle in school or at work place
3-Least Awareness to the deep cultural thing like importance of sex,deep influencing media.
Now at the age of 18 with upthrusting awareness of my lacking behind.i make effort to run my psychology i equip myself with awareness of psychology,para psychology human behavior,philosophy(religious analysis,meta & quantum physics,metal disorders and advance biology) .I also understood that my mind have learning disorders only because of this unawareness. Many of my friend use to call me that i am highly Emotional Sensitivity by making fun of me.After making friendship soon they adopt the behavior of making fun of me.They all tell me that this fun and disgrace will help me to live.i have no friend to help me.
The cultural shock that i sensed when i got admission in university.I illogical behaviors of culture forced me to think to live like religious Monks,in my medium of mind ,that is only way to live.Here i m not describing much about how peoples deal with me.what psychological structure can be to avoid extra harm?
Don’t tell me going for check up
Thanks fro consideration!

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Answer by double t
no to sure what is going on but do you feel better I hope so

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2 thoughts on “Is life is psychological problem?”

  1. Hi sweetheart,

    That is a very interesting question.

    A psychological technique that I really enjoy is Byron Katie’s “The Work.”

    Here are some books you might lilke to read:

    “Happiness is a choice” by Barry Neil Kaufman
    “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

    Peace and blessings.


  2. First, consult with a behavioral management counselor. Therapy will help you feel better and make you aware of who you are. Next, do not tell anyone you are seeing a therapist. It is not of anyone’s business, but your own. Also, if your so call friends are making fun of you all the time then they are insensitive to you and who you are. This is not nice or fair. I would limit my contact with them and find new friends. More, this is the United States of America, the land of the free and brave. We all have a choice to decide which religion we choose. If religion is important to you, study them and then decide which one favors your liking of what a religion should be. If your so called friends make fun of you again, so what! LIke the rapper Jay-Z states in one of his songs, “Just brush that dirt off your shoulders… shake if off baby.” You are not living your life for your friends. God has a purpose for us all! Some people find that purpose and take heed to it and some do not. Some find their purpose early in life and some find it later. Just remember to not let the journey of finding your purpose in life depress you. The journey sh/be just as rewarding. Next, you sound as if you have low self esteem about your learning disability, this is why I feel its so important for you to seek therapy and be diagnosed. This will allow you to be informed of an action plan to help you live life better. Also remember to pray. When you wake up, in the middle of the day and before you go to bed….

    I hope this helps!


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