movies that remind you of adoption?

Question by Melissa Swan: movies that remind you of adoption?
I identify with the film Made in America (whoopi goldberg, ted danson), that is actually about a sperm donor rather than adoption.
Which films do you identify with?
oh and Superman! and the Secret of the Sword (animated film about She-Ra)
and Disney’s the Sleeping Beauty
Anastasia (the animation)

Best answer:

Answer by justmyopinions
Oh and Annie

Edit: Just remembered another one…. Problem Child (there were a few)

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A local family adopts a teenager from China, bringing him back to the United States. Reporter Eric Yount and Photographer Jake Hatten First Aired October 21,…
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12 thoughts on “movies that remind you of adoption?”

  1. This may seem a little odd…but a movie that can make me feel quite sad and bring me to tears is…. “Artificial Intelligence” ..especially when his adoptive mother leaves him in the woods/side of the road…when her own real live son is like brought back to life? or cured..can’t remember now. The ‘replacement’ boy then goes on his search for his ‘mother’…The Blue Fairy. I think a very sad movie.

  2. I avoid any film that is adoption related, why would I want it rammed down my throat 😉 as it’s a painful subject for me.

    Oh boy was you bored last night or what?

  3. These are not directly adoption stories but family separations. I relate to adoption as family separation.

    Goya’s Ghosts (an Innocent young girls baby was taken from her while in prison)

    The other Boleyn Girl (young girls not having say in there own lives)

    Duchess (separated from her daughter)

    Star Wars (Luke & Leah were separated at birth) The father thinking they were dead

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