Need adoption information?

Question by Rocker Gurl: Need adoption information?
A A good friend Of Mine & her husband Had a “Miracle baby” 5 years ago, & because this baby was born with a severe cleft palate & lip, social services came in & took that baby from them, although legally they did nothing wrong, it was stated that the removal was because of the medical problems the baby had. In the end 4 years later, the baby was adopted by a family that caused my friend & her husband much grief, & the social services who said they had to put something on the papers, finally wrote ” neglect of parental duties” ( although for the first 4 years, until the adoption they were never charged with anything.. So they tried to have another bABY, & for 5 years could not conceive even with fertility treatments, so my question is.. Can these people legally adopt? they desperately want a child no matter what the age, & legally they did nothing wrong, but still have that neglect thing hanging over them ( as i said only 4 years after the fact). but will any adoption agency help them in the state of idaho? can they adopt from overseas? again sensitive subject, they were not charged with anything for almost 4 years, even tho the baby was removed when he was an infant. less then 2 months old. he was In foster care for 4 years before the adopted family put a rush on the adoption before the court made the final ruling!
I assure you… they found out from the Govener that this was an illegal way to remove the baby, But it was done, & then the state made it legal to correct there error. the parents did nothing wrong.. nothing.!! they loved their baby, but people decided he needed major medical so they took him, this has happened now 3 times to 3 different families here. if you think the parents are oin the wrong. you should read the court papers as i did. It was admitted in court that the parents were not in error, sometimes the govt, just does what it wants
I assure you, i have seen the Goveners letter, the state was in error.. however, this happened to 3 families here, Not just them, & for the same medical reason, But no one could do anything, because it went to the supreme court, & they ruled that Once the adoption took place, to just leave it because of the childs growing attached to the foster family. you cant fight the supreme court,, this was not the fault of any of the 3 families the state is corrupted here, i can promise you that. but there is nothing we can do but try to help this family be parents.

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Answer by Jennifer L
There has to be more to the story. Social services doesn’t remove an infant because of a congenital defect.

But if there are charges of parental neglect on record, then I seriously doubt they would be able to adopt. It doesn’t matter if they try to adopt domestically or overseas. Overseas adoptions require even more background checks than domestic adoptions.

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4 thoughts on “Need adoption information?”

  1. I hope they wouldn’t be able to. Not because I have something against your friends personally (although I find the story a bit suspect). But because I really really hope that someone with a record of having a child permanently removed from their home due to neglect would not be given someone else’s child to potentially neglect again.

    I mean, seriously. Think about this question outside the context of these people being your friends. If you were a social worker and were deciding the best home for a child and on one hand, you had a home where the caregivers have a clean legal record and on the other hand you have a home where the caregivers previously had their parental rights terminated due to neglect but who claim it was all a government conspiracy, which would you choose?

  2. If they did nothing wrong but their baby was taken away….I’m pretty sure that’s called adoption fraud and any innocent parent would raise hell and sue. There is probably more that you’re unaware of. “It was admitted in court that the parents were not in error”…if that’s the case they are entitled to their child and need to hire a lawyer. But I’m sure there’s more to this story, and if one child was taken from them due to neglect I highly doubt they will be getting someone else’s baby to do the same with.

  3. I’m with Cambria on the hopefully not scenario – not because I believe they did anything wrong, but because no-one who’s had a child removed should be allowed to adopt.

    It’s not I don’t believe that it happens though – damn UK is rife with kids being snatched for no reason at all these days, so I’m sure America’s not immune.

    For those who don’t believe it happens, I suggest you check out and (lists both British and American cases).

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