Please help with my sociology work?

Question by Nicole: Please help with my sociology work?
I am going to do a presentation with 3 other people on “same sex couples, should they be allowed to adopt children” i am 16 and in college in america, i am a international student and everyone in my group are in their 20s and our team leader not even coming to class or replying to text messages. i have no idea what to even include in the presentation, i want to pull my wieght so i am starting the presentation by myself, can anyone help with an ideas of what to include in the presentation, i really have no idea what i am doing.

please no rude comments and i can’t tell the lecturer about the team leader, i just started college like 3 weeks ago and don’t want to cause any problems within the group.

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Answer by jed
Actually I think it would be hard pressed for rude comments. First thought after reading is proud of whoever you are. That’s wonderful. Now…You have made to this point at 16 so im betting you could do this if you could get past you insecurities from being so young. Is it a whatever you think about it presentation or do you have to agree a certain side of it?

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2 thoughts on “Please help with my sociology work?”

  1. I would look for studies in journals about how stable same sex couples/relationships can be compared to heterosexual relationships/marriage and stories about how well kids turn out who had parents of the same sex. You could try searching for websites of lawyers who help same sex couples adopt children or gain custody of their own biological children – they might have links to studies that deal with the topic, too.

    Good luck – I’ve been on groups in college that sound like the situation you are in. Hopefully you and the other team members can work together and put together a great presentation.

  2. has links for articles on:

    Adoption and Same-sex Couples: Basic
    Adoption and Same-Sex Couples: Types of Adoption
    Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents: Issues and Concerns
    Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents: Life After Adoption
    Legal Issues for Gay and Lesbian Adoption

    Adoption by same-sex couples is legal in 14 countries as well as in the jurisdictions of several more. Adoption by same sex couples is prohibited by a majority of coountries, although debates in many jurisdictions allow it.

    The main objection by those opposed to LGBT adoption is the question of whether same-sex couples have the ability to be adequate parents.

    Wiki has links to:

    Laws around the world
    Recognition of relationships
    Same sex marriage
    Violence against LGBT people
    LGBT rights organizations

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