Q&A: adoption persuasive speach?

Question by LostInLove: adoption persuasive speach?
i am doing a persuasive speach on adoptions. does anyone have any ideas of what i should say?

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: adoption persuasive speach?”

  1. Hi Lostinlove,

    Yes, in your speech you should explain that there are 2 types of adoption in America. There is adoption of children who need homes, they are currently in temporary foster care. Then there is infant adoption which is transferring a baby from its mother (who is capable of loving and caring for her child with a bit of support) and giving that baby away to a stranger who only wants a healthy, white infant.

    My opinion is you should only advocate for the first type of adoption. The second type of adoption is what keeps the foster children in foster homes instead of giving the adoptive homes to them. Anyone who is interested in adopting a child should look into offering their love to children who currently really do need homes rather than trying to take away someone else’s newborn baby.

    Since this is a persuasive speech, you might also want to mention to your audience to always choose honesty & openness over secrets and lies. Secrecy causes much additional pain in adoption.

    If you wish to discuss open adoption in your speech, you should let everyone know that while “open adoption” sounds positive, and it is certainly always better than any closed adoption, there are still some concerns. For starters, the phrase is often used to lure vulnerable, expectant mothers into relinquishing their infants with false promises of contact with their child over the years through letters, photos, or visits.

    A real concern is that once the adopters get the baby, any “open adoption” agreement is totally unenforceable & can be changed to a closed adoption at any time by the adopters & for any reason they want. There is nothing the natural mother or adoptee can do about that. Nothing can compare to the heartbreak of losing a child to adoption. Most would never have consented to any adoption at all if they had known it was going to be turned into a closed one. This also represents an enormous loss to the adoptee on many levels.

    Due to the vested interest that adoption agencies and adoption lawyers have, they will not be totally honest about adoption with the expectant mother. They will tell her anything to get her baby because they pocket disgraceful amounts of money off of each and every baby placed! Desperate, infertile couples will agree to almost anything in order to get their hands on a baby, regardless of their intention to honor any such promises. There is a huge demand for healthy, white newborns. It should come as no surprise that new tactics have been devised to try to persuade mothers to part with their babies. Women with unplanned pregnancies really need information from sources other than agencies! They also need to know the truths about adoption & the long-term effects on both themselves and most of all, their future child. Research should be done before any decision is made. If open adoption is truly freely agreed upon between both sets of parents, then it must be legally binding and enforceable.

    Perhaps your speech could also mention that in a perfect world, there would be no need for adoption of any kind in the first place. Instead, resources could be directed towards helping to keep families together whenever possible, not separating them. Lest we forget, adoption is not meant to be about what’s best for the adopters, nor should it be about making businesses profits. It’s supposed to be what’s best for the child!

    See Links below for more “open adoption” information that should help you with your speech. Good luck,


    ** The TRUTH About Open Adoption http://www.motherhelp.info/open_adoption

    ** What You Should Know If You Are Considering Adoption For Your Baby http://www.adopting.org/uni/frame.php?ur

    A True Story Involving Open Adoption

    The Wall (effects on siblings)

    A Motherhood Issue (effects on mothers) http://adoption.about.com/od/adoptioniss

    Open Adoption Insight

    Thank you,

    julie j
    reunited adoptee
    rights activist

  2. you can talk about closed and open adoption. there is alto of information on it if you want you can email me or type in open or closed adoption. there is a lot of information about both. it’s a very good topic I’ve done it myself.

  3. When you say persuasive, it leads me to believe that you will be speaking to pregnant women considering abortion or adoption? If that is the case, leave that up to the professionals. An adoption option for a young mother takes time and couseling in most cases.

    If that is not the case, my recommendation to you is to research all of the POSITIVE adoption stories, not the ones highlighted in the media for ratings that give most people a false opinion on adoption.

    Speak with birth mothers, and adoptive parents,as well as adoptees so your speach is well rounded from all perspectives. Good Luck

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