Q&A: But can’t we make open adoptions a legal binding contract.?

Question by LadyCatherine: But can’t we make open adoptions a legal binding contract.?
I hear it all the time on here about open adopts not being a legal court ordered thing. that adoptive parents promise this and that when it comes to open adoptions and then when the papers are signed a few months later the birth mother can get them on the phone..

can’t we have open adoptions be a legal contract.. can’t we teach out girls that if they choose adoption that that can and has to be part of the adoption.?

It is even legal to make/ask that be part of the adoption agreement.? if they the adoptive parents want to adopt said baby they have to legally court approved have a visitation plan set up before any papers are signed..?

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Answer by cricketlady
Viewed through the eyes of foster care this will NEVER happen—and after saying that I know that it does happen in some cases.Although there is nothing on paper to back it.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: But can’t we make open adoptions a legal binding contract.?”

  1. I wish. I wish. I wish.

    And it SHOULD go both ways … which is why NO-ONE should be able to even *begin* to arrange anything before the first week of the child’s life has been lived with its mom.

  2. If Open Adoption was made legally enforceable for both the natural mother and the adoptive parents….I am betting a whole lot more PAPs would be looking towards foreign adoptions…telling everyone that will listen that domestic adoption is too *complicated*.

    And is Open Adoption even an option for natural parents who’s children were taken away from them because of abuse and neglect and placed in foster care? I personally would think not. I have only heard of Open Adoption in regards to Newborns from adoption agencies and baby brokers.

  3. ok…LET’S TAKE FOSTER CARE/ADOPT out of the equation..

    now to answer your question:

    the DOMESTIC NEWBORN, NON-FOSTER CARE adoption lobby is about as strong as the NRA; and there is no effing way they will simply allow something that can potentially benefit “birthmothers” and “adopted children” without a fight!

    adoption (after the original purpose changed) was a way to take babies away from “socially and morally inept–but fertile–women” and give them to people who were more “worthy”–yet infertile.

    it’s all based on some social dogma and religious mumble-jumble.

    open adoption was a carrot thrown at pregnant women once the adoption rates dropped due to birth control, abortion, and single parenting… nothing more, nothing less. hence, it will NEVER be real national legislation.

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