Q&A: Is Haiti Getting Too Much Help?

Question by I see you ಠ_ಠ: Is Haiti Getting Too Much Help?
This morning at my grandmas house i was browsing through her channels and i didnt know what it was about but it was talking about this guy who thought America was helping Haiti too much.

I Feel real bad about Haiti, i have donated money myself, and thought what he said was stupid. But in a way i agreed with him. He said Haiti was overpopulated, and that their economy was bad, so why do they have so many children? He also said that it wasnt fair that after their moms were having to many children, they expected other countries to adopt them.

Also he talked about how America is basically donating thousands, millions of dollars to Haiti when basically nobody helps America. Were on our own. And now Haiti is basically asking for help when they dont take into consideration the fact that they’re so bad off. Is because they don’t take control, and try lowering the number of children they have and everything….and that now many haitian orphans are going to need to be transported to America, becouse their country is ruined and now their going to be “our responsibility”.

He didnt say it as mean as i wrote it but thats bassically what he was pointing out…and he was in spanish, so idk…and he was bassically booed off stage, but some people did agree with him….

And dont call me racist becouse if you are just going to critisize me for putting out this topic then just dont RESPOND! But does anybody else agree with this? Id like to know….I still feel bad for haiti though…but he does make a good point….=[
Yea they are mainly kids…i feel bad for the orphans…=[

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Is Haiti Getting Too Much Help?”

  1. Too much help?
    Right now the French government alongside of Castro and Chavez are criticizing the American government while they watch with their arms crossed doing nothing to help the Haitian people while the US is the only real help they are getting, (hindered by the critics that are doing nothing to help) which is a shame.

  2. no they need a lot more help. but i agree about the ‘mothers having to many children and then expecting other countries to adopt them’ thing.

  3. How can you give too much help? Most of their population is just kids! what are they suppose to do? they cant do this by themselves like seriously

  4. First of all, in ANY place where there is a lack of health care and/or education, the place may very well be overpopulated. Why? Some can’t afford birth control and they don’t know about it. Are you meaning to tell me that you haven’t noticed how people in AMERICA who live in low income areas have a number of children? Same reasons…

    And again, what do you mean no one’s helping America? When Hurricane Katrina hit, do you know how much money was given to us by other countries? If not, I suggest you read up on it.

    Those children in Haiti didn’t ASK to be born. I think it’s sad and selfish and just horrible to hear about people speak ill of CHILDREN. When people stop caring for CHILDREN, they surely won’t care for anyone else. That lets me know the type of world we’re living in now.

    The folks in Haiti need the help of the ENTIRE world. Why everyone is making it seem like America is the only country helping Haiti is beyond me. Trust me, you won’t lose or gain anything by Haiti being helped.

    So while you sit behind your computer, in your warm comfy home, think of the thousands of people laying outside in the streets… Scared, hurt, and hungry.

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