Q&A: Too smart to be religious?

Question by Ibn: Too smart to be religious?
This sounds like an insult but it’s not. it’s serious.

See, I lost faith in religion growing up for multiple reasons. The most prominent being that my father was a hypocritical asshole who stuck to one scripture, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” That was the only one that mattered. He could drink and curse and lie to my mother all he wanted, and he was still Christian. He was one of those “If you don’t like it than get the hell out type of guys” Who didn’t realize that many of the greatest american hero’s were the one’s who spoke out against the government and that America was founded on separation of church and state.

Anyways, I grew to hate all religious people as a sort of subconscious problem. I came back with a more open mind trying to reaccept it but it’s much harder now.

I mean, evolution in humans has been observably proven conclusively 3 million years back. The age of the earth has been shown to be much older than the bible says with different dating techniques like carbon dating (and a few others that I can’t remember the name of, need to study my Anthropology notes).

I’m agnostic right now because I believe that it can’t be conclusively proven either way whether or not God exists.

I’m definitely not going to adopt traditional Christian doctrine because I believe that if God was perfectly just he would not make infinite punishment for finite sins, and be as condemning as most modern christians are. They’ve lost sight of the love, acceptance, mercy and forgiveness. They focus on being judgemental and finding out why they shouldn’t love someone, not the other way around.

Plus it’s highly possible that at some point in history a certain leader managed to alter what the scripture said to benefit himself. For instance sex could have been made out to be bad so the king could keep his harems and spread his royal bloodline.

Basically I’m asking how can I wittingly go back to being religious now that I’m so aware of the mounting evidence against it.

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Answer by Jason
If you think you have mounting evidence against it why would you want to go back? I guess my answer would be ‘you can’t.’

Of course, you can still treat it like book club or something where you go for the community, and for a more structured venue for thinking about life, and stuff like that if you want. I don’t know if you call that religious or not, but I think lots of people do that. I prefer being a jedi.

EDIT: oh and I wouldn’t phrase it as ‘too smart to be religious.’ It’s a pretty passive aggressive way to call other people stupid. If you’re gonna call them stupid just do it flat out.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Too smart to be religious?”

  1. Don’t confuse “being religious” with spirituality…or for that matter, with religions other than christianity. Incidentally, there are many religious people, many religions that accept evolution, accept that the world is 14 billion years old, that the dinosaurs lived over 60 million years ago and so forth. People believe all sorts of strange things. For example, rumor has it some people even vote Republican. So let the religious people have their fun and you decide what you want to believe it. Most people have some degree of spirituality in them. Many react to solitude, to mountains, forests, oceans and so forth. You can find spirituality in everything and it is different from religion. It occurs to me that if there is a god he/she doesn’t really care if we acknowledge him/her with formal clothes, words, conduct. As I see it, god pretty much lets’ us do whatever we want to do. We make our own heavens and hells by how we act and react.

  2. You can’t force yourself to be religious. I believe (and I am non religious, never have been, never brought up like that, but i don’t hate religion, i’m more passive) that “religion” or someones beliefs have to be wholeheartedly believed in. Your dad may say he is Christian, but in my opinion from an outside point of view he is not. But in his mind, if he truly believes in what he is doing then I think he would be…it is a very personal thing right? You can’t just look up a religion, say, hey I like the beliefs in this one, i’m just going to be this from now on until something better comes along. A girl told me once that in seventh grade she was a taoist or something (she was white which not to be racist does effect the way I took her comment) and then she “stopped”. Well first of all in seventh grade you just do things because you think, hey this is cool, but she was not truly a taoist, she didn’t know the histories or any other thing important to the religion other than the “main idea”. I guess the point of my rant is that you can’t just chose to be one thing or another. Unless you actually believe, then its impossible.

    I agree with what someone else said that you shouldn’t title your question “too smart to be religious” because that implies that ACTUAL religious people are stupid.

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