Q&A: What are your thoughts on the lack of LGBT rights in the United States?

Question by Kendyl: What are your thoughts on the lack of LGBT rights in the United States?
It’s kind of sad to me. Not only does the majority of the 50 states not recognize same-sex marriage, civil unions, or any registered partnerships, but a majority of them don’t even have anti-discrimination laws, which I hope even conservatives at least support, and of course, there’s also the matter of adoption, transgender rights, etc.

Even though our country obviously benefits from “separation of church and state”, when it comes to this issue, our country remains fairly conservative and opposition to LGBT rights mostly comes from religious discrimination.

I understand why the Supreme Court would consider the decision to repeal DOMA so controversial, considering there’s still a great percentage that is opposed to same-sex marriage and unfortunately, it would stir up a ton of controversy.

I’m not asking a question as much as I am just in the mood to hear discussions. Even if you are opposed to same-sex marriage, what are your thoughts? Even if fighting for same-sex marriage is too much, can’t we at least have civil union rights or better yet, anti-discrimination laws?

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Answer by Reef
I think it’s criminal. In 29 states a person can be fired from a job simply for bieng gay, or denied housing. Transgenders have it worse, I think it’s 34 states that allow them to be fired.

It all boils down to gays are citizens who treated as second class citizens and charged a first class rate by the tax man and then denied over 1000 rights by the federal government. That sucks.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: What are your thoughts on the lack of LGBT rights in the United States?”

  1. What do you expect from a country where most of the people believe “Republican, Democrat…. doesn’t matter we’re Ucked”; We’re crippling ourselves and nobody wants to do something. Even those who try, don’t even know what is going on.

  2. As an outsider, looking in, it’s quite disappointing

    As a English person living in the UK, although not perfect, the Civil Partnership legislation (which gives 99% same rights as straight marriage, with 100% gay marriage coming in a few years), the anti-discrimination laws and the support for same-sex couples to adopt, I do feel quite lucky.

    America is a world leader in so many ways, and the rest of the world look to it as a wonderful place. It’s also a relatively young country, that doesn’t have the same long-standing heritage and culture that many countries have. I just find it absolutely bizarre that it isn’t also a world leader when it comes to equality.

  3. they were the same way in freeing the slaves.
    behind the british and many of her colonies by nearly a century

    even though USA had a hundred year head start she still lags painfully behind Canada in issues of morality.

    which is ironic considering the religious demographic in that country.

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