Q&A: why do you want to abolish welfare,and deny abortions?

Question by TRUTH: why do you want to abolish welfare,and deny abortions?
if the question is too vague,i will sum it up to you. you choose to deny abortions on the premise that it is a life,but choose to deny any assistance for your forced choice on these women.you cant have it both ways. if a women cant afford to take care of the child and you have your way,then dont bitch when they go on welfare to support the child.and to make matters worse,you bitch about sex education in schools that could reduce abortions.is this just a case of near sightedness?you know who you are so i dont need to spell it out.

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Answer by Mark D
Thanks for the rant.

Your point was made much better and much more simply by a political cartoon I saw years ago. I’ll describe it for you.

In the first panel, there is an elephant wearing a business suit, standing in front of and facing a woman. The elephant says, “Sex outside of marriage is wrong and I won’t support it.”

In the second panel, the elephant says to the woman, “Birth control is wrong and I won’t support it.”

In the third panel, the woman is obviously pregnant, and the elephant says, “Abortion is wrong and I won’t support it.”

In the last panel, the woman is no longer pregnant. Instead, she is holding hands with a little boy. So the elephant points at the boy and says, “I won’t support that, either.”

See? That cartoon was funny. You’re just ranting.

But it’s nice to know that you and the cartoonist both seem to think that pregnancy happens by magic.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: why do you want to abolish welfare,and deny abortions?”

  1. I agree with your logic. There is a lot of people that can’t see the big picture.

    EDIT: I think that the cartoon Mark D described is right on. But I disagree with his last statement. Although unintended pregnancy might not happen by magic, it is still an inevitable part of society that also won’t magically disappear.

  2. I agree with you. That’s what make them hypocrites, trying to have it both ways. Personally, I am in favor of birth control and sterilization free on demand. That’s how serious the problem is. I hate it when them scream “There’s always adoption!” Well, how do you explain to your children that you are going to give their young sibling away as soon as it is born? How do you tell your boyfriend or husband that you are going to give his child away to some strangers? Many laws require that now. How do you explain to your employer and your co-workers that you are going to give your baby away. Everyone expects you to bring your little bundle of joy to work and parade him/her around for all to see. If Conservatives are so gung-ho on adoption, there are thousands of adoptable children in foster homes all over America who desperately need loving families to take them. Why the hypocrisy? Because it is in their blood…

  3. Well, I’ll ‘splain it to you.

    I want to abolish what we call “welfare”, along with all the other programs that involve taking money away from people that worked for it to give to people that didn’t, simply because it’s theft. I can’t go next door to take food from my neighbor to feed someone, so why can the government do it? It’s the same act.

    I don’t necessarily want to deny abortions, but I certainly don’t want to pay for them, and if that means someone else has a mouth to feed, I didn’t put them in that situation, there’s no moral basis to require me to support either of them.

    I’m not necessarily against sex education, but I do think that this is a parental responsibility, to be met how they see fit, and I don’t approve of taking that choice away from them by mandating it in Washington, or even mandating it at the state level. Parents should be in control of that, and if they screw it up and their daughter gets pregnant, guess whose mistake caused that? Not mine.

    Where do you want to draw the line on this “brother’s keeper” stuff? Shall we implant all teenage girls with IUD’s, whether they want them or not, despite any risks, regardless of any religious issues involved?

  4. I agree with you 95% but what about the women that had been raped, do you think that they shouldn’t have an abortion? Do you think that their mother should have to go through the pain and tell their child that daddy raped mommy?
    And why do you have to abolish welfare? That helps some people get through their lives. Not everyone is a fourtunate to even go on a computer and say something as juvinile as you just did.

    But I have to say I agree that women that had unprotected sex attentionally should not have an abortion, because why should the child have to die because the mom does not know how to use a condom?

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