Racism in adoption: supply and demand?

Question by jessica300: Racism in adoption: supply and demand?
Why do you think that an agency would advertise:

Caucasian, Latino, Asian and East Indian babies for $ 18,000 (prices guaranteed through Dec 31, 2007.)
Caucasian, Latino, Asian and East Indian babies for $ 20,000 (prices guaranteed through June 30, 2009.)

African American babies for $ 12,000 (prices guaranteed through June 30, 2008)
African American babies for $ 12,000 (prices guaranteed through June 30, 2009)

These are the placement fees listed by an agency. They have all other fees listed separately. The only other major difference I saw in fees was the Program fee which was 5K for both years for the Caucasian, etc. and which went from 2K to 3K for the African American fee.

What do you think about an African American child having less value than a “lighter skinned baby” and how do you feel about participating in this industry knowing that there is such obvious racism involved?

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Answer by Randy B
Your right, it sucks but I can’t help but wonder if it’s not a matter of any child being “worth less” then another but that it’s their, perhaps misguided, way of finding homes for children who may otherwise not be considered for adoption by uneducated/unknowing/misguided prospective adoptive parents?

Another thing to consider is that if it’s just the program fees that are different it’s not as though they are making the child worth any less as a child, just lowering the ancillary fees to try to attract more adoptors.

It looks bad though thats for sure.

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12 thoughts on “Racism in adoption: supply and demand?”

  1. This is horrendus and another reason for people to re-think their choices of adoption through agencies.

    All children are beautiful and money should NOT define a child’s worth.

  2. Unfortunately, demand is what makes this a racist practice……because more people want Caucasian, Latino, Asian and East Indian babies the prices are higher……if more people wanted AA babies, they would absolutely raise the prices.

    What disturbs me most is that ANY babies are being sold for profit….that ANYONE would place a monetary value on a child, and that ANY kind, decent, loving person would purchase an infant. There are millions of children in foster care who legitimately have no viable family who can care for them. Infants have mothers in nearly every case…..and with 20,000, they could actually do a lot to raise the child themselves.

  3. These are not older children, languishing in foster care. These are for Infants! I think that it shoots holes the size of Dallas in the argument that adoption is not about the money and that PAPS are not buying babies. Bull! You can practically see the barcode on their backs.

  4. I wish that the profit motive could be entirely removed from adoption, and the focus could be solely on finding families for children in need of homes.

  5. Wow, that’s just low.

    They aren’t vehicles! I would never deal with a agency like that even if I was adopting a infant.

    Yes, it is true that “dark skin” babies aren’t exactly “flying off the shelves, but pricing them like that…I really don’t know what to say.

  6. whoa i think people are taking this ALL wrong. There are way more African American babies in the system. They’re just trying to help them all find homes!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    There is no reason on Earth why the actual costs to process the legal paperwork should cost more for one race of children than for another. It’s obvious that some prices go way above & beyond actual costs and this reveals the ugly, greedy truth. Some children are in higher demand and can command higher price tags which translate into higher profit margins for those who work as legal child brokers. And it’s obvious they are not above milking that to the highest potential the market will absorb.

    Your example is by no means an isolated case of advertising children for sale either. (see my sources for another example of price discrepancies from various private agencies) Sadly, there are 100’s, if not 1000’s of sites online just like these which conclude your same point.

    It sends a very clear message as to exactly who are considered the more highly-coveted children. As for how a child would feel in the opposite groups, I believe it could unnecessarily chip away at their self-esteem to realize they were the basement bargain and for reasons that have nothing to do with their actual value as a person & everything to do with the way society shallowly judges people based upon their skin color. Even the children in the highest inflated price groups could be offended that someone exploited both them & their first families by profitting off of their situation. You ask how we feel about those who participate in this industry. I am totally disgusted by it.

    A related note while we’re on the subject – if this is not trafficking in the human industry, then I don’t know what is. The last time I checked, buying & selling any human being in the U.S. was outlawed in the 1860’s with the abolition of slavery. Apparently it’s acceptable to overlook that when you call it “adoption.” It’s not fair to children. All people should be equally valued, protected, & respected, not reduced to items on a human menu.

    The UK & Australia, among other places, have already recognized the ethical problems associated with selling children through private agencies and have eliminated them altogether. Adoption works as a true social service there with nobody profitting any amount from the sale of children. Totally removing the profit aspects from the U.S. adoption industry is necessary in order to restore it to a social service for children instead of the huge, unregulated business oppportunity for adults which it currently is.

    You’re right – it IS based upon supply & demand. And it IS racism. Thanks for bringing up a question on this absolutely disgraceful practice. I wish more people would question it & refuse to participate in it.

    julie j
    reunited adoptee

  8. Yes I find this extremely sad. This prices are ridiculous no one should have to pay that much money to give a baby in need a home and parents regardless of the child’s race. The even sadder part is all races come in various shades there are some dark east Indians and even Asians depending on what part of the world they are from. There are some light skinned AA.

    If I adopted an infant from an agency I would not adopt from an agency that has the fee different by the race of the baby. Of course I wouldn’t adopt from agency if I ended up with an adopted infant the baby will be from the FCS like was the case with myself.

    edit – The link Julie posted has baby ½ Korean ½ AA for a fee of 32 grand. Then they have a full Caucasian baby for 27 grand. Mulatto baby for 25,700 grand Full AA for 26,200. This seems very crazy where is all this money going? I could go on decent vacation or purchase a new car for this kind of dough.

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