So Atheists: Why can’t your Hollywood starlets adopt AMERICAN orphans instead of African ones? Fashion props?

Question by einnA – True RS icon: So Atheists: Why can’t your Hollywood starlets adopt AMERICAN orphans instead of African ones? Fashion props?

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Answer by india
Brown does go with everything. It’s a neutral.

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Bade Family Adoption Adventure

November 2006 we saw a photo of two little orphans in Ethiopia and fell in love. We began the adoption process (we had adopted 7 times previous to this). In …
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24 thoughts on “So Atheists: Why can’t your Hollywood starlets adopt AMERICAN orphans instead of African ones? Fashion props?”

  1. I’ve tried to adopt….there just aren’t really any in the US. Two years and we weren’t even on the real waiting list.

    You can really only buy them in the third world.

  2. why’s it matter? a child in need is a child in need, and a child with a home is a child with a home

    why does continent of origin matter?

  3. So you feel that “Atheist” have some say so in who starlets adopt?
    What you only believe in charity and doing good for fellow man if it is a white child?
    So christian of you!
    Think about it!

  4. Christian starlets do the same thing. Maybe they do it, because the orphans in America aren’t starving to death or getting eaten to death by flies.

  5. For starters, they aren’t my starlets, i’m not american and for seconds, the waiting list for american babies is over 5 years and there are far too many restrictions for parents

  6. : CWA
    CBS Evening News may have a report tonight about the American adoption agency, Christian World Adoptions, working less-than-ethically in Ethiopia. This agency has been a blight on many lives on both sides of the Atlantic. It will be interesting to learn whether CBS was able to confirm, or not, the charges brought against CWA by parents and by Australian TV journalists.

  7. Last year Foreign Correspondent revealed corruption within US-Ethiopia adoptions, and more families have spoken out as a result.First warning: In 2005, a Federal Government report detailed concerns raised about Ethiopian adoptions.

  8. Hello ethiopiaxoxo, you are doing a good thing to consider adoption from such a beautiful country. The need is great. I would contact some agencies and see what is happening this year. Things are always being updated and streamlined to make the process better for everyone. Wide Horizons for Children is a wonderful agency for Ethiopia. Our entire adoption EVERYTHING….legal, travel, documents, children’s stuff was about $36,000. But we did receive grants too and friends helped.

  9. we would like to adpot a child from ethiopia..about how long does it take to process the whole adoption process. and about how much is the cost for one child?

  10. What in the world are you talking about? Look up the word ADOPTION it’s not a business transaction besides religion got nothing to do with it.

  11. Ethiopians love their children. AIDS is killing off a generation of mommies and daddies. Praise be to God that there are families willing to raise these children, education them and love them as they deserve to be loved. Many will come to trust Jesus as their personal sin-bearer and they will go back to Ethiopia, educated and ready to minister to their generation and the next!

  12. I pray so! We’ll see what will happen eventually! The problem could be maybe that here in Croatia international adoptions aren’t common at all, but as I already said, working in Africa as a doctor could make things much easier!
    I hope to stay in contact with You, Your story is really inspiring! God bless!

  13. Africa needs medical help! Pray to that end and see what you can do with your off time from school! What a blessing your could be to a needy village!

  14. Thank You very much for responding! I know it’s difficult and responsable being a parent, but I’m also sure I want to do it! I study medicine so maybe one day I will also be able to work with those children in Africa. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it!
    I wish You and Your beautiful family all the best!!! Big kiss from Croatia, Morana

  15. If you have a heart for kids, go for it! Parenting is difficult, whether the kids are adopted or biological. We believe that a strong marriage makes things much easier! Check out your parenting skills by volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters OR by volunteering at your local church in the children’s Sunday School dept. You will learn alot about yourself AND about kids! Also, consider foster parenting! It’s an amazing ministry to needy kids in your area! God bless your efforts!

  16. Hello! I’m doing some researches on the net in order to find out everything about the adoption. I’ve started to save money since I saw how much the adaption costs! In the meantime I will finish the college and get a job so I could deal with all the conditions that are needed for adoption. I would like to ask for any advice that could help me since you got through it all already and you know much more than I do at the moment.
    Thank You!!! M.

  17. Wow….amazing. Thanks for responding. I am sure that I want to adopt from Ethiopia now. Your video has really inspired me!

  18. No English, but it only took about 2 weeks to figure out our sign language. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what we all were saying to each other!  After 3 months, language is no issues at all….after 3 weeks they were in school and functioning well…it’s amazing!

  19. I am just starting to look into international adoption…and I have to say it is overwhelming! If you don’t mind me asking, did these children speak English? Thank you and bless your family!

  20. Thanks for replying! We have adopted before – we have two adopted children from China (we’ve been living here for 11 years) and three biological children. This is our first African adoption. We’re also going thru’ CWA – they’ve been great. Our boys are brothers, ages 2, 5, 7 and 12, from the Soddo region. They should be moving into the Addis care center at the end of this month. We’d love to hear more about how your children have adjusted. I have about a billion questions at this point!

  21. I think Greg and I are the ones who are truly blessed. We never could have dreamed that after so many years of infertility we’d adopt 10 children over 17 years! God is good, we are willing!

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