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I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?

Question by Jamie: I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?
I’m 21 and 3 months pregnant. My boyfriend is the father but he is not really great. He is in Seattle right now while im in florida. He went there for just the summer. He will be back in two months. But he has put his hands on me twice. I dont trust him not to cheat. Hes 25. He says he loves me but he just has alot of mental issues. I feel like if he was different maybe i would keep the baby. But i kind of want to get away from him. I am a cna and want to get back in school to do nursing which i will do. Also i have no family to support me or help when the baby gets here. I would only have him and hes not really good. Should i abort or no? Also i was suppose to get the abortion on wednesday but before i got on the highwaysl i got really sick and had to go to the hospital so i couldnt go that day. Was that a sign that i shouldnt do it? Give advice please.

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Answer by Julie
Hey Girl,
Abort or adopt out. Your boyfriend sounds like a twat, dump him and fly free.
The kid will just remind you of him

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Q&A: How can i give my partner custody of my child as well so she’s “ours”?

Question by Alex Chick: How can i give my partner custody of my child as well so she’s “ours”?
I’m almost 18 and I’m pregnant. I’m bisexual, been with my girlfriend for 3 years. Please don’t give me any stupid lecture.. I cheated on her and got pregnant at one point. But she forgave me and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. I know gay couples can adopt children, but if she adopts my baby, how much would it cost?

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Answer by David S
You need the professional help of an attorney, not the airy opinions of a bunch of high school kids in cyber space.

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