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Q&A: Do you think that many fathers are falsely named on the original birth certificates?

Question by SLY: Do you think that many fathers are falsely named on the original birth certificates?
Randy posted a question about the fathers whose names are left off birth certificates. When he selected a Best Answer, he made a comment I thought curious, about the Registry not permitting fathers to be named falsely. I thought that was interesting. How often do you think that happened, especially during the BSE? Curious comment, I thought, but perhaps I am mistaken.
Okay, I live in Texas, and here, unless a couple is married, the father must sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity to be named on the birth certificate. If a woman is married, her husband is listed, unless he signs a Denial of Paternity, specifically. A mother cannot simply name someone as the father and it goes on the birth certificate here, and I assumed it was somewhat the same in other states. Not so?
So, what you are saying is that today a woman can say any man she wants to is the father and they automatically put that name on the birth certificates? That doesn’t sound reasonable to me at all….

What steps must unmarried parents take to ensure that they are both considered the legal parents of their child?

To make sure that a child’s biological parents are also the legal parents, both mother and father should be listed on the child’s birth certificate. If you want to add a parent’s name to a birth certificate, contact your state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. You can find this contact information by visiting the website of the National Center for Health Statistics (click on the link “Where to Write for Vital Records,” part of the “NCHS Top 10” list on the right).

In order to be listed on a child’s birth certificate, most states require unmarried fathers to sign an affidavit or acknowledgment of paternity. In any case, it’s a good idea for both parents to write, sign, and notarize a statement acknowledging the father’s paternity. You can take this one step further by contacting your state’s Vital Statistics office

Best answer:

Answer by michoacanmami
Then the government would lose money if everyone was required to take a paternity test every time someone has a baby just to make sure that fathers are not falsley named

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How many other pro-choice people are tired of hearing abortion equated to murdering babies?

Question by hwinnum: How many other pro-choice people are tired of hearing abortion equated to murdering babies?
It is inflammatory speech designed to make pro choice people seem like cold blooded murderers who would just as easily snuff out an infant. I understand that from their viewpoint, abortion is murder, but they fail to understand the pro choice viewpoint that the early term fetus, embryo, blastocyst and fertilized egg, does not have any rights that supercede the mother.
The Bible says “thou shall not murder” (not “kill”), and murder is a legal definition. Killing an enemy soldier and killing in self defense is not murder, In the US, abortion is not defined as murder.
If you believe that abortion is murder, then don’t have one, but allow the rest of us to follow our beliefs. It is not a black and white issue.
Gwennie B: Thank you for explaining things so well to some of the other respondents.
Ken: Do you support stupid and lazy people having children? What will happen to those kids?
Mommanuke: Obama is the one using “divide and conquer” He’s fomenting class warfare by dividing Americans into the “rich” or the “working class”.
WACO: Although I support abortion rights, I also support the Catholic Church in its complaint against Obamacare. You questioned the separation of church and state – that means the state should not impose laws that cause an unnecessary burden on religion. This isn’t the first time the gov’t has felt justified in violating religious beliefs ( http://naissucks.com/wordpress/?tag=wisconsin-prosecuting-amish) , it’s just the most noticeable.

Best answer:

Answer by Gwennie B
*raises hand*

EDIT: @Dick Lewiston: Regardless of personal views on abortion, being linguistically accurate is important. Feticide is not the same as neonaticide, which is not the same as infanticide. People who muddle up the terms and talk about “killing a baby” are being ambiguous- are they talking about abortion, or are they talking about infanticide?

EDIT: @Ken: “Abortion is nothing but an after the fact method of birth control because two people are either too lazy or too stupid to have protected sex, 99.9 percent of the time.”

Actually, a majority- 54%- of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant (http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion.html )

“Would you kill your 6 year old to keep a secret or becasue it might embarrass you or make you uncomfortable for a few months?”

Your six-year old is not currently holed up in your uterus.

“To me, the mother does not have the right to kill off a child without regard for that child’s father, or grandparents that might take it and love it as their own or give it up for adoption.”

Adoption is an alternative to parenting, not to pregnancy and childbirth. The only alternative to pregnancy and childbirth is abortion. In other words, if a woman wants an abortion, adoption solves nothing- unless she is allowed to have an abortion (and then the father or grandparents may certainly try to gestate the removed tissue to term if they want, although I think they might have a little trouble in that regard). Nobody has the right to force a woman to act as an incubator against her will.

EDIT: @RockHunter: Actually, there were few or no laws against abortion prior to “quickening” (when the fetus can first be felt to move, around 5 months) in America, until doctors began to push for criminalization in the 1820’s. With their campaign, it remained illegal in most places until 1973, when Roe v. Wade repealed laws that criminalized abortion.

In addition, the Roe v. Wade ruling built on the 1963 ruling Griswold v. Connecticut, which struck down a Connecticut law banning birth control- that’s where the Supreme Court first believed a right to privacy was enumerated in the Constitution.

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How many single mother’s who chose to parent wish they would have chosen adoption?

Question by Bear Spirit Woman: How many single mother’s who chose to parent wish they would have chosen adoption?
Aftr reading thru the adoption website mentioned in an early question, I cam across this paragraph:

“Single parenting is a difficult choice to make because the child and mother often sacrifice so much in life. While single parenting is chosen by women all across America, it does have many drawbacks. In extensive studies of single mothers, many single mothers regretted not considering adoption more seriously. Many of these women were pressured by family members and friends who promised to help them with their parenting responsibilities. Most unfortunately discovered that assurances and support from family and friends quickly faded. They were left alone to struggle to parent their child. Many felt guilty for depriving their child of a better life that they would have had through adoption.”

I have never EVER heard someone say “I am tired of all of this, I wish I’d have given my child up for adoption. This isn’t worth it”

I have been a struggling single mom and ever one did I wish I didn’t have my kids.

Anyone regret keeping their child?

Best answer:

Answer by udontwannano99
Well I wasn’t always a single mother, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And no I don’t regret keeping my son, but just wish that I could go back and redo it all and have neva gotta pregnant. He is the world to me but I couldn’t live and no that I have a son out there for somebody else to raise him, for what i’ve seen and heard the kid always grow up and resent you. And it’s gonna come a point and time when you wanna take over and be that child’s mother again, right? That’s not fair to the adoptive parents that was there from the beginning. I couldn’t do adoption.

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