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I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?

Question by Jamie: I’m 21 and pregnant. What should I do. Please give advice. It helps.?
I’m 21 and 3 months pregnant. My boyfriend is the father but he is not really great. He is in Seattle right now while im in florida. He went there for just the summer. He will be back in two months. But he has put his hands on me twice. I dont trust him not to cheat. Hes 25. He says he loves me but he just has alot of mental issues. I feel like if he was different maybe i would keep the baby. But i kind of want to get away from him. I am a cna and want to get back in school to do nursing which i will do. Also i have no family to support me or help when the baby gets here. I would only have him and hes not really good. Should i abort or no? Also i was suppose to get the abortion on wednesday but before i got on the highwaysl i got really sick and had to go to the hospital so i couldnt go that day. Was that a sign that i shouldnt do it? Give advice please.

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Answer by Julie
Hey Girl,
Abort or adopt out. Your boyfriend sounds like a twat, dump him and fly free.
The kid will just remind you of him

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Should I go through with adoption?

Question by michelle.: Should I go through with adoption?
I am 16 and 32 weeks pregnant. Everyone in my family and the babies dad have been pushing me towards adoption since I found out I was pregnant even tho I wanted to keep the baby I went to an adoption agency and I recently just picked the family. We have been emailing for over a month now so we kno each other pretty well. The adoption would be open but this whole time I have been having the feeling that I am ment to keep the baby. I really don’t know what to do. I know if I did keep him I would have family support even tho they think adoption is better. I just need help deciding what I should do. And please no negative comments.

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Answer by lonely4ever20
Follow your heart. How would you deal with putting your baby up for adoption? I personally have a 12 month old and am due to have a second baby in 24 weeks, it will be hard as heck, but hun if you want that baby keep him. If you ever need to talk you can either im on yahoo or e-mail. I will listen and try to help you..
Mom Of 2 Under 2

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Reasons why abortion should remain legal?

Question by VPrincess: Reasons why abortion should remain legal?
I have a speech to do on why abortion should remain legal, what are some good reasons?

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This is a PowerPoint presentation I gave in one of my American Sign Language classes. I think adoption is an important option for every family to research and children with disabilities, or different abilities, are very often in need of loving homes. Sorry about the volume level of the music, I haven’t figured out how to adjust that. And it does cut off a bit at the end.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Commentary: The Internet should not be “hacking” a big show of their games – hacking, Goog

HC Security Network to ensure the safe operation of the Internet, is the self-government, down to the obligations and rights of the people. And Hacker As the destroyer of network security, regardless of where should be subject to closure and combat.

1 Xinhua News Agency on 23 published articles, analysis of China’s “Internet security situation is very serious” reasons, users mentioned a lack of network security Prevention Awareness, and various operating systems and applications emerging vulnerabilities, so that our country vulnerable to hackers using the preferred target.

Problem we face now, although that would be hackers on the Internet at any time, “visit”, but that hackers often have little to do with their lives, the lack of awareness of security. Many computer users do not want to own a genuine anti-installed Virus Software update is a patch vulnerabilities, have the “big deal to re-install the operating system” mentality, does not know, probably unwittingly, hackers have planted in the system under a variety of fishing, Daohao virus.

Also a view that hackers have for the promotion of the role of network security, hackers rampant, as the Internet Technology Also made contributions to the ever-changing, in theory, this view seemingly reasonable, but the harm hackers is far greater than their so-called contribution. Mexico ” Financial House Report “in 2003 reported that hackers have suffered losses four years caused 20 billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2006, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said the survey data released for various computer Crime American companies lost 67.2 billion U.S. dollars annually.

According to Xinhua, the world’s largest network security Company U.S.

company Symantec issued a report in 2008, the number of attacks the source of the first American in the world, accounting for 25% of the world’s total; in the United States, the number of bot control server in the world, accounting for 33% of the world’s total, a figure far than any other country in the world.

We all know, the United States in the Internet sector has a special place, and the present, “the source network attacks,” which ranked No. 1 result, that the United States should bear the main responsibility for this; but the U.S. accusations against other countries condone hacking attacks on web sites This is contrary to the basic facts. The United States should take practical measures to increase efforts to combat hackers, network security for the world to take greater responsibility.

Need to guard against is that some people for various purposes, classification of the hackers, they criticized some “hacker” has connived at the same time some other “hacker” attacks on the Internet, it is not right. Internet security is necessary to judge the formation of a unified understanding, as long as hackers, regardless of what purposes, are endangering the security of the Internet, the right to endanger people’s normal traffic, must be combated.

Also According to Xinhua, China was the number of computers embedded bot ranks first in the world, accounting for 13% of the world’s total. National Emergency Centre, Internet monitoring data show that the second half of 2009, China has more than 1,800 million per month Host IP infected, accounting for 30% of total global infections, is the world’s “disastrous”, the highest proportion of countries in the first infection. “This shows that China is the biggest victim of cyber attacks.” Because China’s huge Internet users, the greatest likelihood of attack, so to ensure the safe operation of the Internet, is the self-government, down to the obligations and rights of the people. The hacker as the destroyer of network security, regardless of where should be subject to closure and combat. Who are unwilling to continue to abuse by hackers, China’s crackdown on hackers, maintaining network security, to ensure national interests are normal and necessary.

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