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Q&A: How would one signify an adoption on a traditional family tree?

Question by Ziggy Stardust: How would one signify an adoption on a traditional family tree?
Say a sister adopts her sister’s children. Does this get recorded on the tree, and if so, what does it look like?

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Answer by Glen F
What do you mean by a “traditional” family tree? What do you want your tree to look like?
Are the children doing a school project? Or is the family tree to be a work of art framed to hang on the wall? Is the family going to be placed on a public site Ancestral File or Ancestry.com?
And then there is the matter of the father of the children. How is he going to be recorded?

When using any of the commercially available genealogy programs both sets of parents can be linked to an individual. And a notation can be made of the adoption.

Genealogy today is about DNA, and citing reliable sources.

It used to be about family stories, hiding family secrets and keeping the skeletons in the closet and connections to events in history (the Mayflower, Revolutionary War …)

There can be no definitive answer with out more information.

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