What is in the umbrella of adoption?

Question by Gershom: What is in the umbrella of adoption?
In light of some thinking adoption is just a black and white issue, I wanted to invite you to this link to look at what I call the adoption concept map and leave your feedback on areas that need reform.

This is something myself and many others, adoptive parents, adoptees, and parents who have surrendered children to adoption have contributed to, in order to pinpoint where reform is needed, to understand the umbrella of adoption more clearly and to create programs to improve the current machine of adoption.

Your insight on whats missing is welcome!

yes torrejon, send me your email and I’ll email you a jpeg file of the entire map in complete open form 🙂 thank you
Everyone else thank you for the support, and hopeful feedback. Romany, you were SO right, it only keeps growing, which ultimately is good, thats what I want, i just had NO IDEA lmao.
Thank you all of you for your insight!! Man! I’ve had alot of hits from this link here today so super cool, at least people are curious and hopefully more will speak up and contribute!
Wow thank you spyder!! Thats awesome feedback!!

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Answer by Romany
I told you that you would need a bigger piece of paper. ;o)

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6 thoughts on “What is in the umbrella of adoption?”

  1. WOW!!

    The only thing i can think to add is under first parent relinquishment, racism was a factor in our Birth Mother choosing adoption. Some members of her family were very racist. How big a factor it played i don’t know but it was a factor.

    Thanks for the website.

  2. Hi. Wow what a great site. I am utterly speechless. Have saved it to my favorites if you dont mind. Great read thanks.

    P.S I am sorry that I havent actually answered the question. Will be back to do so though. Got a nice cup of tea and bar of chocolate so I am ready to read. lmao

  3. I’m not sure where my reasons for relinqushment would fit on your map ( which is great by the way) I really didn’t want my family getting their hands on her the way they did me.

    To those of you who thumbs downed me: I hope you realize you just agreed that incest and rape of young family members is Okay. Good Job..

  4. Gershom,

    This is great! Here are some things from our adoption journey that I don’t know if or where it would fit on your map:

    US Adoption – “identified” adoptions (which probably falls under agency as they process the paperwork but it’s where the bio family finds the adoptive parents privately and then use an agency to proceed.

    Special Needs – Medical Disorders/Issues (would that fall under “Surface”?)

    1st Parent Relinquishment – Victim of crime (i.e. rape). While that wasn’t in our story, it may be something that occurs for others (or maybe it falls under another area on your map). Another thought for this category might be “Protection” also. Protection from an abusive spouse or as Lori said earlier “not wanting them to get their hands on the child like they did her”.

    Openness in Adoption – Is there a place to include extended families in this category. For example, we have a beautiful completely open relationship with our son’s bio grandparents, but not with his parents. In some cases of foster care especially, this may be something that occurs more often if a bio parent has been removed for abusive reasons but the extended family is still involved.

    Just a few thoughts while glancing over it. I think you have done a great job – and my suggestions are in no way meant to take away from that. Just adding a few extra thoughts from our journey.

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