What’s wrong with abortion?

Question by ちょうど、 アナ-ノエル。: What’s wrong with abortion?
Ok, this is MY opinion: I agree with abortion as long as the baby is NOT past the fetus. If it is a fetus, then I believe it is human. I also think it’s the mother’s choice.

I also wouldn’t want a baby to grow up and be put for adoption and never know who the mother was. It would have to be a closed adoption. Think about it: Would you want to meet your child, only for it to ask, “Why did you put me up for adoption?” For me, I wouldn’t even THINK about answering that.

Everyone has their own choice. But people think that women who choose abortion are bad murderers. Well, they’re not. And this is THEIR choice. And you have know right to judge. She could have a special reason. Anyway, just wanted to tell you since I see so many of you saying Jamie Lynn is a murderer and she doesn’t get your support because of it.

What is your opinion? Do you think I (and every other person) who would agree with abortion are bad, selfish people?
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Ok #1. I’m NOT pregnant.

#2. Do you think adoption is that easy for a child? Why don’t you ask someone who has an expieriece like ME? How do you think my mother would feel if I just found and asks who did you adopt me in the first place?

#3. You aren’t getting the point. IT’s not murder unless its a fetus. How can the baby choose? Besides, they’re are other ways the baby can die by nature. Bottom line: Why should we have a baby that would grow up only to know that is was “an accident?” And don’t even think of calling me ignorant because I know a lot about this because I have researched it all.
Tell me this: Why should rape be ok? Isnt it the same? Baby by mistake? Grow up to never find the mother?

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Answer by 24 weeks with baby #1(Noah)
So this whole rant is based upon Jamie Lynn Spears? If this is your only reason to have an opinion on abortion, then don’t.

EDIT: Life starts at birth? What a load of crap. You are obviously saying that to make yourself feel better. How can you not say that a baby GROWING inside of you, with a heart beat, being able to move his/her limbs, isn’t alive??? That is absolutely ridiculous and ignorant.

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24 thoughts on “What’s wrong with abortion?”

  1. i think getting an abortion (unless the mother is gonna die, or she was raped) means you are being self centered!
    you made the choice to have sex w/ out using protection so you knew what could happen
    also i believe to many woman use it as a form of birth control and to many men push woman into abortion because they don’t want to take responsibility

    i also think life starts at conception that baby is still growing and changing….i don’t think ppl that have abortions are bad ppl selfish yes i already said that but i def do look at them a little different
    i stopped talking to my best friend for a month when she said she wanted an abortion and wouldn’t listen to me…she didn’t have it in the end because she realized it was to hard to kill her baby

    i thought Jamie Lynn was keeping her baby she wanted to give him or her a normal life in her home town i don’t believe she had an abortion…but if she did/does i would stop never watch anything she made or did the rest of her life

    why i think rape and abortion are OK…because no woman should have to live w/ being raped…let alone bare a child from it! personally i would hope the man killed me after raping me i wouldn’t want to live after that sex in the only thing a “married” couple can share together if you take that away…wow

    i don’t believe having sex and opps im pregnant is a “mistake” man and woman knew damn well if we have sex i might get pregnant…planned or unplanned
    also i rather know my mother wanted a better life for me and put me up for adoption vs. just killing me

  2. I do agree with you, but I haven’t been updated on the Jamie Lynn situation. Is she aborting? And sure I’ll start the question.

    I believe it’s your own right to choose.

  3. What’s wrong with abortion…it is killing a person. At CONCEPTION the cells begin to divide. By FOUR DAYS there is a heartbeat. Four days.

    As for the anti-adoption thing, that is possibly the most selfish, least informed argument I have EVER heard. How, please tell me, is a 16 year old supposed to raise a baby? I mean without going on welfare and dooming the child to a life of poverty and all the societal ills which accompany it?

    I know a lot of adopted kids who say “Thank you for giving me a family and a good life”.

    I think that you need to do more research. Do a google image search of abortion and THEN tell everyone that it’s okay.

  4. To answer your question, yes I think abortion is selfish but what can I do?… Now that that is out of the way, did you just ask this to start something? It’s Saturday night! Go do something… I’m 8 months pregnant, what is your excuse?

    What is the point of all your ranting???? Nobody cares what YOU think! We all have our own opinions! B*tch all you want, you won’t change the way other people think… get a hobby!!

  5. Abortion is really wrong! As long as the mother was raped or etc, it is okay. But other then that, it is wrong! Someone can’t be that dumb. Having sex without protection, when you knew dang well that you may end up pregnant! That is why people need to think of the consequences before having sex! What if she get pregnant? What are you going to do then? My classmate was pregnant and she had an abortion. Few weeks later, they are back to using unprotected sex again! People need to learn from mistakes, not re-do them!!!

    EDIT: Has anything like this happened to you or anyone you know? Because I’m feeling some tension in this question.. Yet again, there is a reason for everything… Now, I think abortion is wrong, period. If the mother got raped and gets pregnant, I think there was a reason for that… Maybe that child could be the next Michael Jordan or Beyonce or Miley Cyrus or the first person who has a cure for AIDS..

  6. While I do not agree with your opinion, I do not think it makes you bad or selfish. This would be a pretty boring place if we all had identical thoughts and opinions.
    While I believe every person has their own circumstances on which they make their decisions, and while thye have a right to do so, I have concerns for the right of the baby that is growing inside. The fact that the heart starts beating at 5 weeks makes this a living creature to me. Not just a creature but my child, my flesh and blood so how could I have it sucked out of me and put in the bin? I think it really depends on each woman and when she believes the baby actually becomes a baby. I also think things happen for a reason and if you are given this gift, and if you did in fact agree to conceive it by having sex, then you are responsible and part of that is standing up and doing the right thing.
    As to adoption, my husband was adopted and only met his birth mother 4 years ago. He understand why she had to do what she did (obviously it was also different times back then) and I admire the woman for going through the hell she went through to give me the father of my children when she could have just aborted him instead.
    I don’t like to think I judge women who abort the same as they have no right to judge me for not agreeing with their decision.
    This is always the sort of topic which gets a good debate with half the people pro and half anti and I don’t think any of us are going to change each others minds. We just have to accept that people hold different opinions.

  7. You can’t say it is a mother’s choice because until you have had a baby you are not a mother. If the baby doesn’t have a choice neither should the woman. Yeah the mother didn’t want a baby but that baby didn’t want to be killed either. By the time that you can tell you are pregnant the baby has a heartbeat e’s life just because you made a bad decision. If you are that against getting pregnant than keep your legs SHUT. I don’t think people who are for abortion are bad selfish people. I just think that you need to think about situations before you do things. Before you have sex you need to think about the ultimate consequences. Sex is intended to create babies so if you don’t want then abstain. Afterall it is just sex – believe it or not you can survive without it.

  8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Abortion is legal. If you are against abortion, don’t have one. I think most people who are pro-choice tend to keep their opinions to themselves because alot of pro-lifers are so loud and rabid on the subject.

  9. you chose to have unprotected sex. that isn’t fair to take the life of the baby because you were irresponsible. plus, women these days are using it as a birth control so they don’t have to use protection, and people do it because they don’t responsibilty.

    i would rather have a child ask why you didn’t want them than to not have that child being there at all.

  10. Wht would would even ask a question on here like that? There are a lot of people here that against it. I just heard on the news anyway that Jamie Lynn is going to keep her baby and raise it in her hometown with her 19 yr old boyfriend. The only way that I would ever abort is if I gotten raped and even then I would hate myself for it. It can lead to different things after you have an abortion, like not being ablt to have kids EVER!!! I have given a baby up for adoption too and it was the most wonderful thing that I could have done, instaed of raising baby on the streets at the time. Also I don’t think any child is a mistake, God made plams for that child.

  11. Putting all bias aside, the problem with your opinion is that it is not technical and it’s not concrete, it’s oscillating, and that doesn’t work as far as laws are concerned. That’s ultimately what’s most important, because the law is what allows abortion in the first place. From just a personal perspective, you have a good point, but it’s also short sided.

    First of all, who told the girl to spread her legs? Obvious she consented, and in the case of Jamie Spears, she was not sexually assaulted so that’s beside the point in her case. On a more general spectrum, what gives people the divine right to judge who will live and who shall die? That’s not our call, and one can argue that at the early stages of pregnancy it is not technically a life. But that’s a really flawed argument, cause if it’s not a human life, or at leas the propensity for it, then why are we having this conversation at all right now?

    I don’t think that women or teenagers who chose abortion are inherently murders. It’s very desperate, and sadly unfortunate, situation. Each mother needs to decide for her and her child’s sake, what’s the best outcome. You’re right in the fact that if that child is born and placed in foster care, it would have no recollection of its mother and it most certainly will have a less than ideal upbringing. But at least that kid is alive, and it can hypothetically ask its mother” why did you put me up for adoption?” At leas he or she has the ability to ask that question altogether. At that is the case in America. This topic is not so touchy in 2nd or 3rd world countries, the big reason why it’s such a controversial topic in America, is that we put humanitarianism at the forefront of our moral decisions.

    People are going to judge each other until we are all gone. That’s just our nature. Everyone needs to figure out what’s best for them, and many abortions are going to happen in that process, but if they are not able to have a baby, then why are they having sex? It’s a great, thing and it’s a lot of fun, but the ultimate result of it, is that crying, pooping, 8-pound life.

  12. The mother is murdering her developing son or daughter.
    The government has made it LEGAL for her to murder her unborn son or daughter and it doesnt get a say in the matter.
    How would you feel if you were a fetus or not a fetus but knew you were in pain and felt death closing in on you?Youd feel like a scared trapped animal being murdered by its mother and the one helping it.
    Think of it this way, itd be alike a mother hen holding her chick down while a dog ate it alive.
    I have met kids who were adopted who grew up to be great people.
    Ever hear of Dave Thomas?
    He was the guy who started the Wendy’s chain of restaurants.He was in a few movies too.
    To say ALL adopted kids turn out to be suicidal or murderers is not an accurate picture.Most women who have abortions would rather have a grown child tracking them down asking them why they adopted them out rather than live with the guilt they feel later for doing what they know was wrong.
    The ONLY women I know who have had abortions and say they feel no guilt, would without hesitation sell their own kids for prostitutes if they knew they would get something they wanted out of the deal.

  13. The self-righteous are so quick to answer this question with an resounding opinion about why abortion is never acceptable. I say self righteous because none of these opinionated people have been placed in a situation where they must make a decision.
    I do not believe in abortion, however, I do believe that every woman has the right to make that decision and it is between her and God.
    Women who choose to have an abortion aren’t all teenagers who decided to go out have unprotected sex with no mind for the consequences.
    What it comes down to is this…. he who is without sin may cast the first stone…

  14. Doesn’t sound like you’re asking a question you want answered. It sounds like you’re wanting to argue, but I guess I’ll share a few of my thoughts anyway…

    Abortion = killing a unique “creature” with it’s own DNA
    It’s not just “part” of the mother, or it would have the same DNA

    I think that most women who abort don’t really educate themselves about fetal development, etc before aborting.

    Yes, I think most women who abort are selfish and/or uneducated/undereducated.

    I am prochoice about sex. I am prolife when a new person has already been created.

  15. I am pro choice till 2nd trimester. I think you should have made the decision by 6 months. It is not me decision or the states decision as to whether someone keeps a pregnancy. A woman has a right to her body. Also a life begins at birth. I think abortion can be a responsible thing to do if you aren’t ready to carry out a pregnancy. And that so contradictory of pro life people to say it s okay to have an abortion if you raped. What happened to your argument it isn’t okay to murder. So do some pro life people think it is okay to murder because you were raped.

    And to the person who said you’d hope your rapist would kill you. You wouldn’t it goes against the laws of nature. Your whole purpose in life is to keep your self alive and keep the species going.

  16. Abortion is SO wrong. Why would you want to kill, SLAUGHTER your own child? Have you even read about the ways the “dispose” of the poor helpless thing? It is so sick and wrong. If I wrote it on here, I would get reported, so I cant tell you flat out, but it is just plain sick. Its nauseating.
    I believe that we dont have a choice. I think that if you dont want your child, then you can always put it up for adoption. Why you would want to, I have no idea. One of my friends were planning on putting her newborn up for adoption, but as soon as she saw it for the first time, she fell in love with it, and decided to keep her. Im really glad that she did too.

  17. Usually, I wouldn’t touch a question like this with a 10 foot stick. But here I go. I am personally Pro-Life. I know a girl. She was given up for adoption right after being born. She has never met her mother, but is very happy. She is grateful her birth mother chose to give her up instead of ending her life before it ever began. She is grateful for the family she has, and of course, is against abortion do to her own situation. I personally don’t think it is my right to decide if my baby lives or not. I think if you aren’t ready for a baby, or are not in the right situation for a baby, you should not be having sex in the first place. I think that is more responsible than getting an abortion after finding out my sex led to something I can’t handle. But that is just me. My own personal opinion.

    And your rape comment is the sickest thing I have ever heard. “Mistake”? A women was brutally forced against her will to have sex if she was raped. Something like that can traumatize you for life. Just looking at that baby can be a daily reminder of what happened to you. I can’t wait until a rape victim reads this question, and decides to answer.

    Suddenly now I understand what this is all about. You had a bad experience with the adoption system. Now, you think it would have been better for somebody to have killed you off early on than to put you through your life. But then you would have never experienced anything. You would have never seen the sun rise, or watch the sky clear after a storm. All of life’s beautys would mean nothing to you. Just don’t assume that one bad experience means that every experience is bad.

  18. Abortion kills. Abortion, in my opinion, is one of the most cruel actions existing today. You’re killing someone for no reason, that hasn’t a chance to live- all because of your own stupidity.
    Everyone deserves a life. End of story.
    Those at Planned Parenting want you to think that there’s no way out and you have no other choice except to take your child’s life.
    I know you probably already know the disgusting details of abortion, but humor me and read it:
    First of all, I’d like to point out that if you kill a baby when it is in the mother’s womb, it is called abortion and it is legal. However, if the baby is out of the mother’s body and killed, it is, by law, called murder. Really, “abortion” is just a technicality of the law; a loophole. It should really be construed as murder.
    The “thing” in a mother’s womb really is a live human being. No one says they are going to a “Fetus Shower”; people go to BABY showers. Though the baby is unborn, it is still a human life. After the third week of pregnancy, the baby’s heart beats. Every abortion stops one heart from never beating again.
    Did you see the episode of House where they had to cut open the mother’s womb to operate on the fetus?? The baby was only a few months developed and it grabbed the nurses hand when they were operating. That really is a sign that unborn babies are human beings.
    There are many ways that abortions are conducted, and all of them are extremely gruesome and cruel. In a “Saline Abortion”, a needle is stuck into the mother’s abdomen. The doctors then suck out the fluid out of the womb and insert an extremely salty solution (“Saline”) in it’s place. The baby then breathes in the saline and, after an hour of slowly being poisoned to death, the baby convulses and dies.
    In a D&C Abortion, cervix is opened using an osmotic dilator. Then a thin metal rod with a knife-sharp loop at the end is inserted into the uterus. The curette is used to tear the baby apart (limb by limb). After this, a a hollow plastic tube attached to a suction aspirator is inserted to suck out the fetus. These are captured by a stockinet attached to the end of the suction tube.
    A D & E abortion is performed in the second trimester (12-24 weeks) and is usually a 2-3 day procedure. At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus’ tendons, muscles, and bones are more developed. The cervix has closed more tightly and must be dilated enough to remove the larger fetus.
    To aid in cervical dilation, dried seaweed sticks are inserted into the cervix. The dilation process can take 1-2 days depending on the size of the fetus.
    Once the cervix is sufficiently dilated, the seaweed is removed. A device sort of like a pliers is inserted into the uterus to forcibly tear the baby apart. The skull is then crushed and removed. A suction aspiration is then introduced to remove any remaining fetal parts.
    If you are not already grossed out and disgusted at how women can do such things to such an innocent young child, you need to hear this: When disposing of an aborted baby, it is run through an incinerator.
    Since 1973 (when abortion was first legalized), there have been over 48 million abortions. Those are 48 million people that never got the chance to live; 48 million innocent people who were put to death.
    Adoption is the best option for those that are considering abortion. There are over two million couples in America waiting to adopt a child; for every child aborted, there are at least 4 couples that would be willing to adopt him or her.
    That being said, there are over 4 million people out there that would be overjoyed to be able to take care of your child. Always know that God willed everything to happen and every child should be seen as a blessing. I know that this baby might not have come to you at the time you wanted it to, but- who knows- this could be the perfect time for that couple that has been looking to adopt a child.
    There are also health risks:
    Here is a website about PAS (post abortion syndrome):

    Abortion can not only lead to emotional problems, but physical problems. Women who have abortions are twice as likely to develop breast-cancer than women who have not had abortions. Women with one abortion face a 2.3 relative risk of cervical cancer, compared to non-aborted women, and women with two or more abortions face a 4.92 relative risk.
    There are other diseases women who have had abortions are more likely to get and there are also many things that are likely difficulties for pregnancies of a women that has had an abortion. Find out more on this website:
    One more fact:
    That’s 1.3 million babies each year; 3,600 each day.
    21 days after conception, a baby’s heart is beating…
    At 6 weeks, brain waves can be measured…
    At 8 weeks, the stomach, liver, kidneys, and brain are functioning and fingerprints have formed…
    More than 500,000 abortions each year are performed after the women’s 8th week of pregnancy.
    Now if killing “something” that has a beating heart, functioning brain, digesting stomach, functioning liver and kidneys, and it’s own unique finger print isn’t murder- then I don’t know what is.
    Here are some more facts on adoption:
    FACT: The average abortion procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes. The average wait for adoption is 5 years.
    Approximately 2,000,000 families in America are currently ready and waiting to adopt.
    Only about 23,000-24,000 American babies are placed for adoption each year.
    Only 2-3 percent of the more than 1,000,000 teenagers who will become pregnant this year will place their children for adoption.

  19. There is absolutely no way you are going to make everyone agree with you. There are some who will argue with you over the time frame you think is not OK to have an abortion, people who will agree/disagree over Jamie’s right to get pregnant in the first place, adoption, etc. If we all thought exactly the same, we wouldn’t be human. I feel you are never going to change your mind on some things in your question. There are also many people who will never change their minds. Might I suggest a career for you in politics. The next time you want to say something that is very passionate for you, think your words over very carefully so as not to get other posters to say that you are ranting and raving.

  20. awwwwww what a great video! I loved watching it since I didn’t even knew you had a daughter until the day I ran into you at the store!!

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