Why is it so difficult to adopt a child?

Question by Thedreamer: Why is it so difficult to adopt a child?
I understand that there needs to be rules and regulations to make sure that children are going into safe and ready homes with people that will love them and care for them, but it just seems like the process is just way too much. My husband and I would love to adopt children. We can have children of our own, and we do, we have a daughter, but our hearts break when we hear about abandoned infants and children. We have so much love, time and energy to give and we have the room. It’s so sad to see all the restrictions on adopting. It’s not like we’re rich but I don’t think we could ever afford to spend such huge amounts of money to adopt. It’s sad, it really is. There are so many good families that would be happy to take children in, but the bureaucracy gets in the way.

Why is it like this? Why can’t this be a simplified process so that children can be taken in by families who could care for them?

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Answer by Urmo Vaher
You have a child and you want to adopt another one. Trust me you kid is going to hate you for the rest of her life if you adopt another kid

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3 thoughts on “Why is it so difficult to adopt a child?”

  1. Its normally because they want to make sure the child is going into a good family. Not some family and end up dead or molested.

  2. I agree with you. I don’t think you need to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to prove that you can provide a good family for a child.

    We adopted my little cousin (who I constantly refer to on here as my little sister). Since it was a private adoption we didn’t have to pay the agency fee’s. Unfortunately when you go through a private agency you have to pay all the “administration” fees, which can sometimes be as much as $ 50,000, and I’m sorry- that is just ridiculous.

    It’s a wonderful thing to do, and it’s a shame it’s based on how much money you can give them.

  3. Foster care costs little to zero money to adopt. Try that, there are a lot of foster kids over the age of 8 that need homes. Mainly black and Hispanic kids. The cost for domestic adoption is so high because many infertile women want healthy white babies. They don’t even consider kids in foster care or minority children which I find sickening and disgusting. CPS also has to make sure the child is going to a loving home free of alcoholism, prostitution, and drug use. They want the child to be safe and have a stable environment with stable parents. Sadly adoption has turned into a baby market business. People buying and selling kids only this is done under the false pretense of “adoption” and “giving the child a better life than the birth mother could ever do”. Many young girls/women are forced into adoption against their will by desperate infertile women who can’t bear their own offspring so the send “birth letters” basically stating how much better a parent they will be to another woman or girl’s child. Not all adopted mothers give their children up willingly. It’s a baby selling business and one that people are willing to pay high amounts for. And it destroys the child’s life, by taking away it’s culture and heritage.

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