why isnt abortion a big deal in the uk but in America its the deepest shame?

Question by ‘: why isnt abortion a big deal in the uk but in America its the deepest shame?
In england abortion is the sensible option. With the baby p scandle people are realists not religious. On uk news websites where it will have an article about a women having multiple abortion cos her bf cheated on her, when i scrolled down to the comments (from the uk) there wasnt a single anti abortion comment.
BUT when I go onto an American news website and it will have an article about a RAPE VICTIM who had an abortion, I scroll down to the comments from Americans and all the hundreds of comments would be still like “shes a murderer, that was a kife!” Or “she would have gave it up for adoption” or “shes going to hell”! Or “she shoukd keep her legs closed!”

Like what the hell? She should keep her legs closed…..in 2014?
I thought America was more advanced than England?
Apparantly not, there still stick in the 60s. If you ask me americans to be dragged kicking and screaming into to 21st century!
Oh really? You think forcing a rape victim to give birth is the moral thing to do!? Or you think a women who lets men abuse her kids should be allowed to have more babies?
Tayler, thats easy for you to day if you havent been raped and got pregnant! It is sooooo easy to judge someone else isnt it!

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Answer by HomeAllMidnight
It’s because the British society is stupid. Because of all these pathetic reality tv shows like TOWIE and made in chelsea and keeping up with the kardashians, everyone’s views have changed to accept all this shizzle.
If you ask me, the only time you should get an abortion is if you were raped.

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8 thoughts on “why isnt abortion a big deal in the uk but in America its the deepest shame?”

  1. It’s not a religious thing for a lot of people, it’s just the fact that a lot of people think it’s wrong.
    I’m not religious AT ALL, I believe in science. But I believe that abortion is wrong. I guess if you were raped…. it might be an exception, I wouldn’t judge someone for getting an abortion if they were raped. Even then though.. if I was raped and got pregnant, I’d give it up for adoption before I aborted my baby. It’s just as much yours as it is it’s fathers, it’s got half of your DNA, YOU made it. I just feel like it’s this little ball of potential life and you’re responsible for making it. If you just got pregnant because you were irresponsible about birth control, I think you should have thought about that before you got pregnant in the first place. That’s just my opinion. I’m not interested in debating about it or anything, I’ll never change the way I feel about it, I’m really firm on my opinions about abortion. I just think it’s wrong. Adoption is just such a more responsible choice.

    EDIT: sweetheart, I just said that I wouldn’t judge someone who got raped for not aborting it, unless you don’t know how to read. Have you been raped and gotten pregnant? I didn’t think so, so get off your high horse. I stand by my opinion. If I got raped, I know FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT, that I would not abort my baby. It’s still mine. PERIOD. The end.

  2. Why punish a baby for what the mother did?

    And if she’s raped, why punish the unborn child for what a rapist did? Why is the unborn child executed for the crime and not the rapist?

  3. Easy, There are reports that if a woman has an abortion she is way more likely to commit suicide. But if a woman has the baby and keeps it that is the next best option. The best option is that a woman has the baby and gives it up for adoption. So it is not a constant reminder of her rape. But who cares about science in Europe or England.

    England has become heartless. That is why the English government has to do so much. People in England are too selfish.

  4. Europe, long ago, gave up on the idea of individual rights. These are rights that exist with the individual. They don’t need an outside enabler to bestow them nor make them work. The only role government needs to do is to protect those rights and liberties. Everyone seems to be concerned with the “rights” of the mother. Who’s looking out for the Right to Life of the person inside her? Now, this being said, no right is absolute, but it’s a healthy way of dealing with the rights of people.

    In the Social Democratic environment of Europe, they have let government define, create, bestow, regulate, modify, ration and even take away rights. For instance Health and Safety (HSE) has it’s tentacles in all parts of UK life because government has been allowed to be the arbitrator of what’s “good for the people”. It gets wider card blanche to go and regulate what it wants of your life.

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